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  • Saturday, June, 2017| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:45:38
  • by NR Indran / INT

    Proto.in, in association with Sequioa Capital and the BSE SME logo proto PROTO.IN TO SHOWCASE 15 OF INDIAS HOTTEST START UPSExchange gets into action at the Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai.

    With a keynote addressed by Mohit Bhatnagar, MD of Sequoia Capital,  and panel discussion  on early stage investing in India featuring names such as  Rahul Khanna – MD, Canaan Partners, Sandeep Singhal – MD, Nexus Venture Partners, Sasha Mirchandani – Managing Partner, Kay Capital, Ashwin Raghuraman– VP, Nasscom Innovation Fund, the event was great value for all attendees. The presentations by 15 of India’s hottest product start-ups, was always the highlight of the event.

    A second panel discussion was on Building and scaling a product startup in India, will feature names such as Anupam Pahuja–General Manager, Paypal India, Gautam Sinha, CTO Indiatimes and moderated by Gopal Srinivasan, MD of TVS Capital.

    The big ones who made it debate ‘The Secret to Scale’; Satya Prabhakar, Founder, Sulekha.comVishal Gondal, Founder, Indiagames, Naveen Tewari, Founder, Inmobi will spill their beans in a panel moderated by Sateesh Andra, MD of DFJ Ventures.

    There was special mentoring session the selected start-ups at the event by partners Sequoia Capital. An added attraction is an interaction between members of the BSE SME Exchange and the start-up audience.

    The list of the final 15 presenting companies that presented at Proto.in and what stood out about them. Also mentioned below is the selection criteria used to pick start-ups for the event:

    • Next Leap - www.yournextleap.com - Internet tool which analyzes a student’s profile and suggests universities which match his potential.Mapping students to colleges is a big painpoint faced by many. Can technology that cruches years of data come to the rescue?
    • Moneysights.comwww.moneysights.com – Financial platform online which unclutters the financial space by studying your risk profile and providing you with detailed investment suggestions. Unlike other financial platforms, Moneysights suggests products by doing detailed research on the basis of your risk profile using numerous advanced financial models which take into account both past performance and risk appetite.
    • Technopurple - www.technopurple.com – World’s small device used for vehicle tracking. Used to track both cars and individuals real-time on a web-interface using a pay as you go software as a service model. Product plan in place to evolve into a traffic analysis tool
    • Fetise - www.fetise.com – Private Sales E-Commerce platform focussed on the men’s market. Uses a just in time inventory model to cut on costs, no inventory stored by Fetise. Offers exclusive discounts of over 40% on premium brands which are not sold online.
    • Business Intelligenze - www.businessintelligenze.com – BPO Optimization tool which crunches BPO data and trends and helps save costs for the industry. Also helps increase the productivity of BPO employees by keeping track of their efficiency.
    • E-Farm - www.efarm.in Technology that empowers farmers to gain a better price for their produce. Uses a Sms platform which allows farmers gain access to a live commodity trading platform. Reduces inefficiencies across agriculture sector.
    • Fieldez - www.fieldez.com – Mobile ERP platform for the manafacturing sector. Helps employees within the services industry update data, take images hence saving time and increasing productivity.
    • Geosocials - www.geosocials.com – Mobile based geo-social platform which engages users with in-built gameplay. Users in the real work can compete virtually by collecting treasure for rewards which are sponsored through brands. MMORPG meets Location based networking.
    • Sms Blocker - www.smsblocker.com – Start-up dedicated to blocking Sms spam. Have collated the largest database of Sms spam in the world and have found ways to effectively block spam through both applications and by partnering with operators.
    • Nutribran -  Animal feed that increases nutrition for livestock and cattle. Over a decade of research has resulted in a new form of livestock food that when used with Rice Husk increases the nutrition content for cattle by over 30%. Also reduces costs.
    • i2v  Systems - www.i2vsys.com -  Video Analysis solution built on top of I.P cameras. Used in highways, households and retail malls. Applications across security, traffic and defence.
    • Nano Ganesh – Mobile product used to control water pumps in rural India. Water pumps can be switched on or off by simply making a phone call.
    • Membrane Filters – Nano filter powered water purification solution which uses a 3 wheeler automobile to transport water. A solution to both the contamination and lack of distribution of water in rural India.
    • Artoo - www.artoo.in – Software platform built for tablets which increases the efficiency of the Microfinance industry. Allows microfinance agents to capture information of as many as 100 data-points in a very short period of time using a tablet computer and an intuitive interface.
    • Nuru Light - www.nurulight.com – LED Light which is powered using kinetic energy. Lights can be powered by simply pedalling a cycle which is linked to the light. 20 minutes of cycling results in over 30 hours of light, efficiency here is far higher than the solar industry.

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