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  • Friday, June, 2017| Today's Market | Current Time: 02:02:14
  • New Delhi: Dr G Wellness has introduced  a new Weight Training Exercise DRGWellness DrG Wellness Introduces Weight Training Exercises For Diabeticsaimed at helping Diabetic patients increase their sensitivity to insulin. This is part of the organisations 360 degrees approach to the management of Diabetes

    DrG Wellness’S 360 degrees approach includes Right eating habits, Proper exercise, Supplementation with essential vitamins and minerals, Herbs that heal, Stress Management, Emotional status management, Proper joint and muscle care, Motivation, Proper BS monitoring and follow up and Patient education and empowerment,

    Adopting a holistic approach perfected by Dr. Gaurav Sharma, Director DrG Wellness  through his experience and expertise in sports medicine and treatment of lifestyle disorders said “Research has been done worldwide that weight training is a type of resistance training helping in increasing insulin sensitivity (Makes an individuals insulin more potent)

    The regimen states that there should be progressive changes in the exercise program of a diabetic. & this can be achieved through high intensity interval training program, with just 10- 20 minutes of exercise  giving much better results than conventional workouts.

    These Short and sweet exercise programs designed for the Home scenario with minimal equipment include

    1.      Push ups & body weight Exercise to be done till failure up-to a minimum three times

    2.      Floor Push ups

    3.      Wall push ups

    4.       Squats -  (1/4th till failure & ½ squats touching seats till failure leading to complete squats

    5.      Dips on Chair/ sofa or Bed

    6.      Pull ups

    7.      Chin ups  &

    8.      Lunges

    When a person is diagnosed with diabetes, the doctor recommends that individual to exercise which generally is to “Walk”, this does help for couple of months, but later the person is compelled to walk longer or faster to get results, which eventually stops to help.

    The regimen also includes details of how one should manage Cardiovascular exercises “Walking is not sufficient as it will only give you results for the first month only. In the second month one will have to increase duration or/and speed” further added Dr Sharma.

    The overall program adopts a holistic approach perfected by Dr. Sharma through his experience and expertise in sports medicine and treatment of lifestyle disorders, and aims at reducing the insulin and pill intake of patients suffering from Type-2 diabetes.