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  • Ion Exchange Services Ltd announces new Water management services for industries and institutions

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    Bangalore: Ion Exchange Services Ltd (IESL), the leader in providing services for any make and type ...

    Ion Exchange Services Ltd announces new Water management services for industries and institutions

    Bangalore: Ion Exchange Services Ltd (IESL), the leader in providing services Dinesh Sadasivan Ion Exchange Services Ltd announces new Water management services for  industries and institutionsfor any make and type of water and waste water treatment plants, announced a series of new water and waste water treatment services, with the objective of bringing awareness on the importance of saving water at every level in industrial process application i.e. source reduction, product re-use, waste minimization and recycling of water. IESL, an associate company of Ion Exchange (India) Ltd., is the LARGEST organized service network in water treatment Industry across Asia.

    These new services include Remote Monitoring of Water Treatment Plants, Energy saver for ETPs & STPs, Containerized Water Treatment Plant on Rental basis, Automation of Reverse Osmosis (RO) plants, Automation of INDION Swift units, Automation of Cooling Tower blow down, & Oxygen monitoring in Sewage Treatment Plants. IESL has also aggressively renewed its focus on offering Water Audits.

    Said Mr. Dinesh Sadasivan, Executive Director and CEO of IESL These unique, first of its kind services in India will be offered to industries and institutions across diversified sectors such as pharmaceuticals, breweries, food & beverages, hotels, hospitals, software technology parks, to name a few. These service offerings will enable customers to achieve optimum utilization of their water & waste water treatment plants, while at the same time contributing to water conservation. IESL shall strive to continually innovate and offer new service packages for our valuable customers.

    One of the latest new service offering by IESL is automation solution for Energy saving in Effluent Treatment Plants (ETP) & Sewage Treatment Plants (STP). This automation solution can be implemented in all aerobic ETPs, which will enable significant savings in energy consumption, thereby directly translating into significant cost savings with immediate effect. The benefit is two-some, energy saving & thereby contributing to a greener environment, as well as monetary benefit to the customer, on an ongoing basis.

    IESL has received good demand for its recently launched service Remote Monitoring of Water Treatment Plants from its target segment. This will completely overcome problems related to limited access of qualified engineers at remote sites and possible human related errors in monitoring. Continuous remote monitoring also drastically reduces possibility of plant shutdown.

    IESL also introduced to industries and institutions, Containerized Water Treatment Plant on rental basis for supply of treated water. The significant advantage for customers in utilizing this service on a rental basis would be availability of treated water with no capital investments, thereby enabling them to focus on their core competency without having to worry about maintenance of this unit. Also, since this unit would be operated & maintained by competent IESL engineers onsite, they can be rest assured about the quality and quantity of water.

    IESL has also renewed its focus into comprehensive Water Audits, a unique water management service. The scope of services in a comprehensive water audit, offered by IESL, would include carrying out a survey of the existing water and waste water treatment facilities and arrive at a water balance, carrying out water audit and identify the areas of excess consumption, identify the sources of water, waste water and their characteristics and to suggest a scheme for recovery of water for various applications, report on present water treatment chemicals and their optimization recommendations, prepare a process design package for the optimization of usage, recovery and reuse of water and explore the possibility of Rain Water Harvesting

    With over 26+ years of expertise, 10 branch offices across India, 75 territorial presence & 1300 service personnel, IESL has already served over 14,000 customers across diverse industries & institutions, irrespective of the make or type of water & waste water treatment equipment. An ISO 9001:2000 Company, and having a NABL accredited & KSPCB empanelled laboratory for analysis of water, food & media, IESL has also extended its service operations to neighboring countries like Nepal and Bangladesh and is poised to spread its wings to other Asian countries.

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