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  • Friday, June, 2017| Today's Market | Current Time: 01:59:22
  • THE METALHEAD COLLECTION – All new collection of Metal Inspired watches from Fastrack

    3106KL01 257x300 THE METALHEAD COLLECTION   All new collection of Metal Inspired watches from FastrackFrom music, fashion and even their attitude, the youth embrace a lifestyle that is at constant logger-heads with social norms. As a tribute to that, Fastrack introduces a range of anti-fashion watches with chunky distressed looks. The Metalhead Collection is inspired by the loudest, most adrenaline-pumping musical genre of them all – Heavy metal. The campaign is brought to life by featuring one of the most exciting upcoming heavy metal bands from the US, ‘Nothing Sacred’

    This collection comprises 8 unique guys’ watches and 5 unique girls’ watches. Each watch is available in 2 looks, a silver antique finish and a brass antique finish.

    The highly differentiated shape of the case has been inspired by the body of an electric guitar. The large chunky unusual case features a dual disc handset with a propeller second hand. The broadband leather strap compliments the unique brass antique finish of the case.

    PRODUCT CODE: 3106KL01

    Make a statement without saying a word with this; one of the largest watches ever from the Fastrack stable! Drawing inspiration from a metal drum kit, this large, chunky case sports differentiated lugs. One of the favorites of the metal band, Nothing Sacred, this variant showcases a deep grey mirror finish dial paired with a silver antique finish case and a worn out black leather strap.

    PRODUCT CODE: 3107SL01

    Drawing inspiration from a drum, this watch features an offset pattern on the dial. A similar pattern is carried onto the lower half of the case. This watch features either a bronze colored; or a mirror finished, deep grey dial paired with a soft feel, suede leather strap.