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  • Sunday, May, 2017| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:53:48
  • Mompreneur Launches Essential Home Health Care Kit Geared for College Students, Hits Online Market

    SAVANNAH, Ga. — A new home health care kit specifically designed for college students is now available online. The College Student First Aid Kit includes over 30 different, leading brand medications, ointments, creams, drops, tools, and wound care items colleage student 300x231 Mompreneur Launches Essential Home Health Care Kit Geared for College Students, Hits Online Market– essentially, if your “baby” needs it, it’s in there.

    Founder and mompreneur, Beth Stewart, developed this one-of-a-kind product every parent with college-bound kids should get their hands on. A certified nurse practitioner with over 25 years of healthcare experience (and mother of three), Stewart discovered a huge void in the market for a well-organized, dorm room first aid kit and decided to create her own.

    “While standard first aid kits are readily available and often inexpensive, they are not tailored to the specific needs of a college student,” said Stewart. “Most college students tend to acquire very similar illnesses and they have similar type accidents. Although no one kit can prepare for all of life’s little emergencies, the College Student First Aid kit is designed to address the most common health care needs of college students.”

    “In addition, the added peace-of-mind parents will enjoy while their young adults are away from home – many for the first time – is priceless,” said Stewart. The home health care kit also includes items not readily available to the public without a medical license such as a medical grade eye wash in case of injury, burn care with lidocaine, and a splinter removal kit.

    Stewart spent months painstakingly researching the first aid needs of college students, which included informal discussions with students, parents, grandparents, teachers, administrators, doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, drug representatives, friends and family members. After comparing prices of medications and miscellaneous supplies with over 70 vendors, she created the ultimate College Student First Aid Kit that is comprehensive, organized, and affordable.


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