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  • Anil Agrawal, Director, Comfort Group The Comfort Group Quotes on Recession

    Mumbai  :The Comfort Group believes in the traditional values of the family; Service with devotion and actively promoting the interests of the community. Our Duty (Dharma) is to work so that we can give to the society. The duty to work diligently also Screenshot 20170318 150051 230x300 Anil Agrawal, Director, Comfort Group The Comfort Group Quotes on Recessioninvolves “the responsibility that one should give back to others and society,” both in good times and bad times.

    On the basis of this business principles Comfort Group Director Mr Anil Agrawal assisted to  built the first ever “ASHTAVINAYAKADHAM” in Dundlod, Rajasthan by Seth Govindram Charitable Trust. The founders of this highly spiritual place are Mr. Anil Agrawal and his wife, Mrs. Annu Agrawal.  The Trust has been involved in various noble activities for the welfare of students from the temple premises.

    Mr Agarwal and his wife both religiously do padayatra every year from Ashtavinayak Dham, Dundlod to KhatuShyam (80 KM) in Rajasthan. Last week also they did padayatra along with family members.

    Apart from the entrepreneurial aspect, Mr. Anil Agrawal is equally concerned for his social responsibilities and community relations. He is the founder of “Seth Govindram Charitable Trust” which is constantly engaged in providing various amenities of livelihood to the weaker sections of the society.

    He is also an active member of various social organizations, like Bharat Vikas Parishad, Lions Club and Shree Shyam Ek Mandal Trust and is frequently engaged in various events for promoting society at large.

    Mr. Agrawal is actively associated with the Rajasthani Sammelan Education Trust which runs 14 colleges with 15000 students where various CSR activities happen on a regular basis.

    Source : Sachin Murdeshwar