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  • Koala Clancy takes over Visit Victoria’s Indian Twitter account this #WildKoalaDay

    On the 3rd of May, the Koala Clancy foundation declared the day as the inaugural National Wild Koala Day. Celebrating #WildKoalaDay, Visit Victoria’s Twitter account was taken over by the spokeskoala of wild koalas in Melbourne- Koala Clancy, the most famous wild Koala in the world. Clancy, who has a charity named after him, interacted with animal lovers worldwide on this Kola 300x232 Koala Clancy takes over Visit Victoria’s Indian Twitter account this #WildKoalaDayday which also happens to be his birthday. Over 100 twitter users were engaged in twitter dialogue, generating more than 400 tweets, through this activity and Animal Planet India was seen interacting with Clancy Koala, wishing him a happy birthday.

    The purpose of this day is to celebrate wild Koalas in their natural habitat and increase awareness about of their species being vulnerable to extinction. The centres in Victoria have been proactively ensuring their survival in the wild.

    Clancy Koala rose to fame as he broke various stereotypical myths associated with Koalas. Koalas in general have been listed by the IUCN (International Union for Conservation of Nature) amongst the top 10 species worldwide most at risk of being endangered from climate change.

    Visit Victoria created a wave of conversations amongst influencers by surprising them with Koala Toys and a note from Koala Clancy, inviting them for a this unique activity on Twitter. These influencers & wildlife enthusiasts were seen tweeting about #WildKoalaDay, resulting in 3.2 million Organic Impressions on Twitter and an engagement rate of 6.4%, reaching 0.2 million users.

    “We are delighted to see the overwhelming response that we have received through our efforts to spread awareness on the issue of Koala extinction,” said Celia Ho, Regional Manager South and South East Asia – Visit Victoria. “Wildlife Tourism is an increasingly important aspect of travel today and we have seen more and more travellers coming in from India and around the world, to experience the wildlife here in Australia. We look forward to extending our continued support to the Koala Clancy Foundation in protecting these animals.”

    Wild Koalas, which are only found in Australia, have been one of the major tourist attractions in the continent. They have been one of the most popular species even in the digital world. Using this very medium, the tourism board wishes to ensure a safe future for these species in their natural habitat, not just in captivity.