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  • 54-year-old accident victim faces long road to recovery

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    Mumbai : 54-year-old lawyer, GayatriWagle talks about her condition, in terms of then and now. More ...

    54-year-old accident victim faces long road to recovery

    Mumbai : 54-year-old lawyer, GayatriWagle talks about her condition, in terms of then and now. More than a year back, Gayatri had met with a fatal road accident near Kalyan and had to 54 year 300x225 54 year old accident victim faces long road to recoveryundergo nine procedures over a period of nine months in different Hospitals. Doctors had very few hopes on Gayatris full recovery. But, say it a miracle or an impact of a good treatment that GayatriWagle will be going back home from her long-stint of hospitalizations, to lead a normal life.

    It has been very difficult for Gayatris three kids and husband AnandramWagle, a senior RTO official to forget the catastrophic accident which took place on December 16, 2013 on the Nashik Highway enroute to Shegaon, when a truck came out from a side-road that locals had created. Gayatri sustained a severe head injury, with a deep cut running from above her right forehead to the middle of her head. Her husband, Anandram has thanked God for saving her eye, which missed the damage by a few centimeters.

    Post-accident, Gayatri was taken to various Hospitals in Mumbai. The accident had damaged her right hip and left knee. The Hospital where she was taken had fixed her hip and knee, but a few days later, the same part was found to be infected. We had found the left knee fixation was not good. Patient had developed malunion in the left knee joint which had eventually led to severe arthritis of the left knee. When the patient was brought to us, she was in acute pain and completely immobile. The patients relatives were in complete shock, said Dr Satish Puranik, Consultant Orthopedic Surgeon at Currae Hospital (A Patni Enterprises) Thane. DrPuranik had been treating Gayatri for quite some time now, as the treatment carried out by other Hospitals had failed.DrPuranik, added, They could not believe that after spending huge amount on Gayatris treatment, she could not walk. When Gayatris relatives approached us, they were in completely disappointed with the earlier treatment and needed an immediate cure.Till the time we had consulted DrPuranik, the problem had worsened. Gayatri started getting convulsions due to the head injury scar and needed anti-epileptic medications. She also suffered a skin allergy due to these medications, said her daughter AishwaryaWagle. Talking about the complications that had occurred post-accident, DrPuranik said, Due to the series of failed surgeries, the infections at the hip kept spreading, requiring special equipment to drain out the pus. On April 29, she had to undergo an 11-hour surgery to re-fix her hip bone and a thigh bone that had disappeared due to repeated infections.We had to use special bone paste, bone crystals and her bones to recreate this bone. Aishwarya added, My mother stopped walking due to the pain. An X-ray showed arthritis had chipped away at her joint. On December 27, 2014, she underwent a knee replacement surgery and the miracle happened. My mother started walking the same evening of the surgery. Talking about the final knee replacement surgery, DrPuranik said, The total knee replacement surgery had to be performed as the left knee joint had developed severe arthritis. The surgery was performed under the able guidance of experienced doctors, comprising of four anesthetics, one physician and one neurologist, continuously monitoring her condition. We had to remove the previous implants which were a faulty one and not suitable for her knee. Although the injury had occurred in the left knee joint, we had to revise her right hip joint as well.Today, Gayatri is confident enough to join her work back. As an able lawyer, Gayatri has not stopped thanking Dr Satish Puranik for giving her a new lease of life.

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