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  • Adgebra Pioneers Programmatic ‘Audience Data Exchange’ for Publishers

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    Mumbai: Inuxu, Indias dominant player in digital media technology today announced the release of its...

    Adgebra Pioneers Programmatic ‘Audience Data Exchange’ for Publishers

    Mumbai: Inuxu, Indias dominant player in digital media technology today announced the adgebra logo 300x75 Adgebra Pioneers Programmatic Audience Data Exchange for Publishersrelease of its much awaited feature – Audience Data Exchange as part of its revolutionary programmatic advertising platform. Adgebra audience data & inventory marketplace was launched in January this year.

    Traditionally, revenue generation for digital publishers was limited to just selling their ad inventory. Hence forth, digital publishers will be able to trade their audiences in real time directly to an advertiser, agency, partner publisher or an ad network through Adgebras audience data exchange. This feature thus takes DMP- Data Management Platform to the next level by enabling publishers to create a new revenue source for themselves.

    Adgebras segmentation engine analyses audience behavior across partners site in real time and consolidates the non-PII (non-Personally Identified Information) into valuable segments. Data buyers can leverage these segments to deliver better performing campaigns and data suppliers get to generate incremental revenue by trading their valuable audience.

    Says Rohit Bagad, Founder & CEO, Adgebras ADE is result of a crucial issue put forth by publishers at ad:tech, New Delhi- 2015, that data driven marketing strategies are expected to deliver better results and how publishers can benefit from it. Adgebras ADE helps publishers generate add-on revenue by 15%-20%. As of now more than 100 publishers across India have signed up for adgebras audience data exchange.

    Inuxus Director- Product Strategy & Inventory Shashikant Anpat added, These days advertisers are asking for more specific and precise audience data. Its challenging for publishers to maximize revenue and take decisions in real time. Now publishers have the power to leverage ad server integration that will deliver precise campaigns and also profit from their own data. Adgebra creates a win- win situation for all the players in a digital advertising ecosystem.

    Adgebra is Inuxu’s proprietary audience data & inventory marketplace platform. It offers a one stop solution for all programmatic advertising needs combined with high impact ad units.

    Inuxu, headquartered in Pune, is venture backed by netCORE Solutions Indias no. 1 digital communication company, and Greynium Technologies – that operates Oneindia.com, Indias no.1 language portal. Its young & dynamic management team comprises of professionals with 75 plus years combined experience in marketing technology covering all facets of digital media ecosystem. In less than two years of operations Inuxu boasts of 100 plus clients leveraging its innovative digital advertising products & services. Inuxu is aggressively planning to expand in MENA and APAC regions.

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