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  • Best Family Restaurants for Dining In Delhi

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    Do you look forward to dining out with your family every once in a while? For most, the answer would...

    Best Family Restaurants for Dining In Delhi

    Do you look forward to dining out with your family every once in a while? For most, the answer would probably be a yes. Who would not love a change from the routine or the food prepared and served for them every once in a while? While going out dining with family especially for a special occasion, we generally tend to choose restaurants which not only offer a tasty meal, but also a fantastic experience. Soothing music playing in the background, the subtle tinkling of glasses, soft lights, beautiful white linen, maybe a terrific view of the city, a waiter at your beck and call, – all in all, a restaurant which is perfect to celebrate an occasion.

    Since our busy lives nowadays hardly allow us to spend time with family often, why not visit a family restaurant which youll remember and end up raving about to others over conversations about food. So, next time when you are planning to go out dining with family in the city, choose an exquisite restaurant which wont let you down. With the capital boasting of the best restaurants in the country serving everything right form traditional to contemporary fare; you have a vast list to choose from. But, with the town well-known for its great love for food, table booking in advance could be necessary. Luckily with websites like Clicktable, table booking can be made as easily as with a click of a button.

    These family dining favorites will further convince you that choosing a restaurant in Delhi for an exceptional dining experience is a great idea.

    Dhaba – The Claridges

    Image Courtesy: Dhaba by Claridges

    Dhaba recreates a unique rustic highway experience, situated on the ground floor of the famous Claridges Hotel in New Delhi. Complete with a truck mural, rustic interiors, wooden tables, and chairs upholstered in phulkari work and traditional pickle containers- the eatery is probably one of the most well-known restaurants in Delhi for North Indian food. The restaurant theme is inspired from a typical North Indian eatery dotting the highway and hence the name Dhaba (the name for eateries found on highways in India). While the dishes are priced generously, you and your loved ones would not mind paying the extra dough. Try the restaurants signature dishes like the- tandoori kebabs, balti meat, baingan ka bharta and chef’s special thali. With the high popularity of the place, we recommend reserving a table in advance.

    Eau De Monsoon

    Image Courtesy: BYT plus

    The restaurant manages what very few can accomplish: fusion food or contemporary Indian cuisine. Eau de monsoon firmly takes a modern stance on Indian cuisine. The food here is delectably orchestrated but remains grounded to its Indian roots. Housed in Le Meridian hotel, in Connaught Place, the family dining experience here is both lavish as well as intimate. With an elegant brown and rust interior, you can make the most of your meal here with Indian flavors served in a truly international style. A contemporary fine-dining restaurant the dishes are prepared implementing several innovative ways.


    World Art Dining- Cook House

    Image Courtesy: World Art Dining

    An elegant dining destination- the World Art Dining Cook House brings you fine dining innovatively. A live interactive kitchen, global cuisine recreated to suit your taste buds, well-crafted desserts will make the dining experience something you and your family will remember. With every single dish bearing a distinctive flavor and an elaborate buffet on weekends, this one can quickly become a favorite amongst all the family members.


    On the Waterfront The Lodhi


    Image Courtesy: The Lodhi

    Housed in the The Lodhi,’ an opulent 5 Star Hotel in Delhi- On the Waterfront is meant for a superior dining experience offering European and Oriental cuisine. True to its name the restaurant has a vibrant verandah with relaxed seating overlooking an outside area that has flames above water. It is situated close to the famous Lodhi garden. Visit the place with your family to experience the lavish set-up, which is truly a feast for the eyes with the interiors designed to complement the cuisine. The place is ideal for visiting both in the evening and also during the day with a good amount of natural light flowing through the restaurant.

    Family dinners are not just a formal affair of enjoying a meal or two. It is about strengthening the bonds. A good restaurant plays a friendly host to these beautiful memories. Thanks to online table booking services like clicktable, you can now not only discover good places but also jump the long queues and grab great offers.





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