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  • Twitter pauses blue tick account verification

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    Twitter has tweeted out that it would pause general verification for some time. The general ...

    Twitter pauses blue tick account verification

    Twitter has tweeted out that it would pause general verification for some time. The general verification being the blue tick which is meant to denote the authenticity of an account. The micro-blogging website believes that the blue badge is being used for endorsements and to imply one's importance, which according to them is contrary to its intention.
    The social networking site was the first such platform which gave users, especially celebrities and companies, the option to verify their accounts. Eventually, governments and world leaders have become quite proactive on Twitter. Often they use the platform to reach out to their followers and also at times to make official announcements.
    At a time when Twitter is facing the problem of fake news, verified accounts are quite helpful. Twitter's reason to pause the process of verification itself seems quite absurd since, in its additional information section, it asks the prospective users for a reason to verify them.
    By its very nature, verified accounts on Twitter get the blue tick, only after Twitter has verified the said accounts on multiple parameters. One of the parameters for evaluation is to "understand their impact in their field". The second coordinate is to understand the prospective verified user's "newsworthiness" or whether he or she is relevant or not.
    Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey also weighed in on the matter - "We should've communicated faster on this, our agents have been following our verification policy correctly, but we realized some time ago the system is broken and needs to be reconsidered. And we failed by not doing anything about it. Working now to fix faster."
    Twitter had introduced this idea of the blue tick in 2009, which was eventually followed by other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The blue tick over the years has been a mark of authenticity for many people and is often an easier way to increase ones following.

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