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  • India Japan moon mission soon

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    The Indian Space Research Organisation chief AS Kiran Kumar on Friday said that India and Japan are ...

    India Japan moon mission soon

    The Indian Space Research Organisation chief AS Kiran Kumar on Friday said that India and Japan are working towards a joint moon mission, which will take place soon. The two countries are also having discussions on making use of their space technologies for providing inputs on weather monitoring, and also look to generate inputs together for climate change studies.
    With the success of Chandrayan -1, India is now gearing up for Chandrayan -2 which will be launched in March next year. With this India has skyrocketed its ambition to explore the moon surface further. And now a joint collaboration with Japan can fulfill this aim Japan has already successfully launched its own moon mission a decade before India did, but now Japan is looking forward to jointly collaborate with India for another Lunar mission.
    Not only Japan but many Asia Pacific countries are looking at India as an emerging market for satellite making and launches. Making in India platform has open the doors for many Asia Pacific countries to look at India. India successfully launched a South Asia satellite with the SAARC countries, a similar project with the Asia Pacific countries could be a reality in future.
    Kiran Kumar was speaking on the sidelines of the 24th Session of Asia Pacific Regional Space Agency Forum (APRSAF) at Bangalore. Heads of space agencies of 10 countries from the Asia-Pacific region, government bodies and industries related to space were at the conference.
    In 2009, JAXA's lunar orbiter spacecraft Selene had impacted the lunar surface after successfully orbiting the moon for a year and eight months. Japan had also launched Hiten Spacecraft in 1990, the country's first lunar probe. India had launched its first lunar probe in 2008 through Chandrayaan-1, and is now gearing up for its next lunar mission Chandrayaan-2 in March next year.
    The space agency heads of all the participating countries asserted that working together through collaborations is advantageous for the countries as the resources are shared.
    The 24th session of the space forum held here between November 14 to 17 was attended by over 600 delegates from 35 countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Heads of space agencies from India, Indonesia, Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea, Israel, Thailand, France and Russia had participated in the forum.

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