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  • Clarks Exotica wins 'THE BIZZ' Award for Business Excellence

    2017-11-15 06:13:01.0

    Bengaluru: Clarks Exotica Convention Resort and Spa, one of the leading resorts in Bengaluru, was ...

    Bengaluru: Clarks Exotica Convention Resort and Spa, one of the leading resorts in Bengaluru, was awarded one of the most important awards by the World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB): "THE BIZZ".
    This ceremony will be held on 15 November 2017 in a gala ceremony at Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai.
    WORLDCOB is a leading business organization located in Houston, Texas that promotes the development and growth of more than 3,300 companies in over 120 countries and recognizes and boosts the growth of the outstanding companies and business people as well as promoting the corporate social responsibility. And it makes it through The BIZZ, an award that recognizes the business excellence.
    In previous editions, The BIZZ Awards was held in cities such as Houston, New York, Punta Cana, Panama, Cusco, Rome, Mumbai, Orlando, Barcelona,a Miami / Bahamas, Doha, Paris, Los Cabos, Dubai, Venice, Hawaii, Abu Dhabi, Athens, Las Vegas, Muscat, Washington and Monaco.
    With this triumph, Clarks Exotica Convention Resort and Spa becomes a member of WORLDCOB alongside large corporations as Sohar Bank (Oman), Dubai Duty Free (UAE), Doha Bank (Qatar), Saudi Telecom Company (Saudi Arabia), BBK BSC (Bahrain), National Bank of Kuwait (Kuwait), Emirates Identity Authority (UAE), Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopia), Karabuk University (Turkey), Credit Libanais (Lebanon), Al Sulaimi Group (Oman), Union National Bank (UAE).
    Mr. M Balaji, CEO, Clarks Exotica, said on the occasion, "This is the third international award for Clarks Exotica in 2017. It feels great to earn such recognition for the hard work of the Clarks Exotica team, and it acts as an inspiration to do better. Being a part of WORLDCOB also establishes Clarks Exotica as one of the leaders in the industry, and creates many more opportunities for us."
    About Clarks Exotica Convention Resort & Spa:
    Clarks Exotica Convention Resort & Spa was established in 2007 by Mr. Ronald Colaco, an Indian Businessman, based in Dubai, UAE. Located 11 kilometres from the Kempegowda International Airport, Clarks Exotica is situated on a property spread over 70 acres. The resort has 144 intelligently designed rooms and suites, has an extensive collection of banquet halls, luxurious rooms, activities and presidential suites, and accompanying sports facilities like table tennis, basketball, cricket, swimming pool and more. It has 11 banquet halls, which can accommodate corporate events, board meetings, large and small format events and weddings.
    OCEAN Convention Center, spread over 50,000 sq ft, is one of Bengaluru's largest event spaces. Clarks Exotica has one of the most extensive spas, Seventh Heaven, in India. With 14 treatment rooms, Clarks Exotica offers Ayurveda, Western, Thai and Hydrotherapies. Clarks Exotica has three restaurants and coffee shop, offering varied cuisines.

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