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  • Driving to Mysore -A Pleasant Self-Drive Experience

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    Mysore is a city of many landmarks and a center for culture and cuisine. Its architecture is ...

    Mysore is a city of many landmarks and a center for culture and cuisine. Its architecture is celebrated across the world and the history of the place plays an intrinsic role in the identity of Karnataka. As a business hub, Mysore is increasing in importance, already home to some of India's biggest companies.

    The Bangalore to Mysore route is one of the busiest in the region and has its share of attractions en route such as Ramanagara and Mandya, to name a few. There are numerous transport options to cover the distance of 150 km along the NH275 that come with the freedom and convenience associated with self-drive rented cars.

    Mysore's "Many Possibilities
    Driving around Mysore is pleasant and thoroughly enjoyed with a group of like-minded travelers. The Mysore Palace looms over the urban landscape of the city, a reminder to visitors of its rich royal heritage. It comes alive with scintillating lighting during the days of Dussehra. St. Philomena's Cathedral features a neo-Gothic style of architecture inspired by the famous cathedral of Cologne. Nature enthusiasts can begin their trip of Mysore at the zoo, one of the largest in the country and featuring a number of species from all over the world. The streets of Mysore is a gateway to the Nagarhole National Park and the lush forested hills of Coorg.

    Many informed travelers are breaking the shackles of regular transport by opting a self-drive rented car as their Bangalore to Mysore taxi. Privacy is one of the biggest wins in this mode of commute. There are car rentals offering the best rates for a complete end-to-end 'Bangalore to Mysore and back' experience. Companies like Zoomcar facilitate rentals through an app and cashless payment adds more convenience for the traveler, who can retain cash for other requirements. Self-drive Rented cars offer more space for those who want to shop in Mysore's market-places, without having to wait with the heavy bags for taxis. 24/7 on-road support is a much-appreciated assurance, something that even car-owners cannot brag about.

    Discovering the pleasures of Mysore is all about being open to all possibilities, which is a much easier thing to do when one is in total control of the mode of transport. Let the Sandalwood City unravel its beauty, both cultural and natural, and experience it to the fullest.

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