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  • Chennai to run for a Cause!!! Dawn to Dusk Marathon 2014

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    Chennai: Book your calendar for 5th January, 2014 to run and cycle for a cause along with Neville J....

    Chennai to run for a Cause!!! Dawn to Dusk Marathon 2014

    Chennai: Book your calendar for 5th January, 2014 to run and cycle for a cause along with Neville MG 9025 300x200 Chennai to run for a Cause!!! Dawn to Dusk Marathon 2014J. Bilimoria countrys well known Rower, Runner and a Cyclist! Dawn to Dusk Marathon 2014 is to be held this New Year to support Bal Sanjeevani Cerebral Palsy rehabilitation centre. Bal Sanjeevani Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation Centre provides therapy services and facilities that aid babies and children affected by Cerebral Palsy coming from low income groups.

    Rotary Club of Ambattur had started Bal Sanjeevani and opened its service in 2006 and has 700 children registered till date. The centre has been a boon to many children.

    Cerebral Palsy is a disorder of the brain which affects children before, during or after birth and results in disabilities which could be mild or severe. Currently one in three hundred children born in India suffer from this disease. Bal Sanjeevani Cerebral Palsy rehabilitation centre provides therapeutic services and facilities to the underprivileged children at free of cost.

    The 3rd edition of Dawn to Dusk 2014 is a 12 hour fundraiser that will commence with running for the first 6 hours and will be flagged of 8.00 AM on 5th January 2014 at IIT-Madras followed by second flag-off at 2.00 pm for the six hours of non-stop cycling from IIT Madras to Mahabalipuram and back.

    Announcing this milestone event Neville J. Bilimoria, Renowned Marathoner & Ultra cyclist and the convenor of the event said that, The city will be running and cycling for a great cause on 5th January, Funds raised from this event will help Bal Sanjeevani Cerebral Palsy Rehab centre to provide children with splints, wheelchairs, walking-aids, and Therasuits, among other immediate needs. More than 3000 chennai-ites, Runners and cyclists from all over the country have registered with us a till date. The registration will close on 22nd December evening at 7 pm; we invite more people to join us in making a difference in the lives of the children who are affected with a lethal disease like Cerebral Palsy. We hope to make this event a great success this time with the support of all our well-wishers.

    Dr.S.Ravisubramaniam, Chairman, Bal Sanjeevani said that, Many affected children do not receive proper rehabilitation because of the cost involved and the long duration of recovery. Plus, there arent many centres dedicated to children affected with cerebral palsy, through this Marathon we aim to extend our maximum support towards their welfare.

    More than 2000 Adults and 1000 children and 300 plus cyclists are expected to participate on 5th January 2014, Adults can choose any running category of 5Km, 10Km, 21Km, 42km. Children below 8 years can run under the category of 500m, 1Km, 2Km and children above 8 years can run for 2Km, 3Km, 5Km, 10 Km. Cycling categories includes 25Km, 50Km, 75 Km and 100Km.

    Radisson Blu Hotel GRT along with BEROE have come forward to host the Radisson Blu Nite Sit-down dinner and couple donor passes are sold towards raising funds for Bal Sanjeevani. We expect to raise about 10 lacs from this Blu Nite. The musical evening called Light on the path will witness a special performance by the well-known Pianist Mr. Anil Srinivasan will also be accompanied by singer Ms. Saindhavi and flutist Mr. Navin Aiyer and the most amazing part of the evening will be the visual illustrations done by cartoonist Mr. Biswajit Balasubramaniam. The cartoon illustrations will be auctioned at the end of the day at Radisson Blu Hotel.

    Dawn to Dusk has successfully organized two events in the past, namely Golden Run Dawn to Dusk 2012 and Nevilles Dawn to Dusk 2013. Dawn to Dusk 2014 title is Little Nathella and the event is also sponsored by Beroe, SISCO, Ega, Woodpecker, Voora, TT Logistics, Qbend, Montra, Vantage, 136.1 Yoga Studio and Radisson Blu Hotel GRT.

    The event is partnered and supported by Saarang 2014 IIT, Chennai Runners, Dream Runners , Cool Runners, Chennai Trekking Club, Tamil Nadu Cycling Club, Rotary Club of Ambattur, Round Table India, Madras Boat Club, Sparrc Institute Wellness partner, Hablis Hospitality support, United Way Chennai Charity Partner, Volini – Pain Relief Partner, 108 Safety Partner, Freshwater Water Partner, Veloscope Photography Partner and Uncle Sams Kitchen Hospitality Support.

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