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  • Childhood obesity, an ‘exploding nightmare’

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    Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition and India is now facing this problem.Children loves...

    Childhood obesity, an ‘exploding nightmare’

    Childhood obesity is a serious medical condition and India is now facing this problem.

    Childhood obesity 300x168 Childhood obesity, an exploding nightmareChildren loves to eat Pizza, Burger and junk foods but while feeding children all these foods parents seldom realize that what will be the outcome of this on their children’s health.

    These foods are tasty but not at all hygienic. It might cause obesity in children and might increase the risk of many other diseases as well.

    Childhood obesity is emerging as a major health problem. It is a condition in which a child is significantly overweight for that particular age and height. Factors like lack of physical activity and unhealthy eating habits may result in developing the condition.


    Type 2 diabetes


    Cardiovascular disease

    Metabolic syndrome

    High cholesterol

    Sleep disorders

    Childhood obesity not only has certain long term health effects. It can also lead to poor self-esteem and depression.


    Avoid intake of refined carbohydrates like maida

    Avoid junk food and fast food

    Limit your child’s consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages

    Eat meals together as a family

    Limit eating out

    Give a nutritious diet to your child

    Provide plenty of fruits and vegetables

    Adjust portion sizes appropriately for age

    Limit TV or other “screen time” to less than 2 hours a day

    Encourage your child to play sports and physical activities

    Activities like Running, swimming and cycling may help

    Prevention for it must be taken before hand to keep the children fit and ensure a healthy future for them.

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