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  • How to maintain your health in the times of weather changes?

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    Weather Change is the only thing constant in our lives. With a cool breeze today, there could be ano...

    How to maintain your health in the times of weather changes?

    Weather Change is the only thing constant in our lives. With a cool breeze today, there could be another hot day in the city tomorrow. The irregularity of rains and the extreme months of summer, make it difficult to predict the weather conditions. There are constant changes in the weather throughout the year, especially through the northern part of this country. The Four Seasons in India four seasons

    North Indians enjoy four seasons. There is summer from April to July, monsoon from July to October, winter from October to summer vegitablesFebruary and spring from February to April. The weather condition is dominated by summer and winter, which reaches a peak in June and January respectively.

    �Because of these quick and drastic changes in temperature, humidity, and other climatic factors, the north Indian population is particularly exposed to weather-related illnesses. Climate change is helping push the ceilings on both sides for the northern climate. Winters are getting colder, summers are hotter, and rains, well, either too much or too little. The need to watch out for your health and maintain your productivity is as high as ever.

    The Respective Ailments of the Four Indian Seasons All the seasons�bring their own set of miseries with them. You would have to take different precautions according to the season you are in vegin control It is true that you can avoid most of the illnesses mentioned above if you are cautious enough about your surroundings, eating habits and hygiene. Common Precautions to Help You Enjoy the Seasons There are some all-weather cautions you should inculcate in your lifestyle to enjoy robust health throughout the year:
    • Exercise Daily: Daily exercise reduces the risk of many seasonal and life-threatening illnesses like viral fever, sleeping disorder, anxiety, and digestion-related issues. It also keeps your blood pressure and bad cholesterol.
    • Eat Fresh Food: Fresh food will help you avoid food poisoning and related issues, while also providing sufficient nutrition to your body. Stale food, however, can cause acidity, while stored/packaged food contains preservatives which may not be summer fruitsgood for your health.

      Also, seasonal veggies and fruits are useful in fortifying your body against seasonal illnesses.

    • Drink Sufficient Quantity of Water: It is important, not just in summers, but also in winters, monsoon, and spring to drink an ample amount of water throughout the day. Our body needs about 2 to 3 litres of water to remain healthy and to be able to flush out toxins.
    • Drink Warm Water, Bathe with Cold Water: Most of us like to drink cold water in summers, use cold water for showers in summers, but come winter and we would not touch the cold water, especially in the morning. But the warm water bath in the morning can be responsible for a lot of winter issues in your body, like, flu, eyes and hair issues and blood pressure loss. Cold water baths, however, can help you fight all these and keep your skin, eyes, and hair healthy.
    • Health Insurance: For the worst scenarios in any season, the final cushion is a family medical insurance cover. Caution can save you from infections, but there are some diseases which may still affect your health due to unavoidable reasons, like vector-borne diseases such as dengue and malaria or diseases you are genetically prone to. Also, modern health insurers, like Apollo Munich, offer regular advice on ways to take care of your health and stay active throughout the seasonal changes.
    seasonal precautains Seasonal Precautions Apart from general healthcare precautions, every season requires its own set of cautionary measures to get through without a scratch on your health. For example, putting on warm clothing in winters and airy clothes, along with sunscreen and sunglasses in summer is, for starters, a good practice that you should follow. Seasonal fruits and vegetables in your daily food also increase your chances of remaining fighting fit in every season. Staying healthy has its own benefits for your medical insurance quotes as well. The healthier you are, the lesser will the premium be. Also, some private insurers, like Apollo Munich, offer renewal premium discounts for customers who make an effort to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle. Your health cover not only offers you protection from medical expenses but health tips, health-related counselling from experts and reimbursement for preventive health check-ups also form part of the larger umbrella.

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