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  • India SME Financial Summit aims to bridge investors and entrepreneurs

    2014-10-14 17:41:44.0
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    Mumbai: The India SME Financial Summit to be held on 16th October, Thursday at Hotel Leela in ...

    Mumbai: The India SME Financial Summit to be held on 16th October, Thursday at Hotel Leela in Andheri from 8:30 am till 5:30 pm, will bring investors and entrepreneurs together with the purpose of sharing knowledge and experiences on building robust financial models for businesses. The summit, organized by business consultants, Dreams IMC, will highlight key challenges faced by SMEs in raising funds to fuel growth. It will also throw light on the importance of better financing and accounting practices in infusing new funds for growth, either through banking or through private equity. Speakers include: Ajay Thankur � Head BSE SME Vijay Kalantri � President Indian Industries Association Bankim Trivedi � President Bombay Small Scale Industries Association Sanjay Gaggar � Partner IXCFO Speaking of the upcoming summit, Ganesh Lakshmanan, Founder-Director, Dreams IMC said, �To support the promising SMEs, the conclave will focus on Listening, Sharing and Advocating a Pro-Business Environment and Identifying, Enabling and Seeding Innovative Start-ups.� Participants at the summit would gain insights on the subjects listed below: ��������� Managing Financials, Accounting & Business Costs ��������� How to Tap on Innovation to give businesses a Competitive Edge ��������� How important it is to secure one�s Company Network ��������� How to Streamline Retail Business Processes for Exponential Growth ��������� Boosting growth through modern Marketing practices Mridul Sharma, Managing Director, Dreamz IMC adds, �The Indian economy is brightening and is looking up. S&P has also upgraded our Economy from negative to stable and organizations and various countries are looking at India for investments. The major part of growth comes from the SME sector and for their growth they need funds. This summit is aimed to address the key issues when you go investments or funding.� The summit would also cover strategic initiatives, policies and frameworks initiated by the government and financial institutions to help SMEs maximize financing avenues and build a strong growth trajectory. Source: Lokesh Shastri

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