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  • Fri Aug 18 2017 16:17:00 GMT+0530 (IST)
  • Inuxu launches first of its kind SSP exclusively for In-image ads

    2016-04-12 14:57:30.0
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    Pune: This week Inuxu added SSP (supply-side platform) capabilities in its adgebra platform for in-i...

    Pune: This week Inuxu added SSP (supply-side platform) capabilities in its adgebra platform for in-image ads. This development will enable publishers maximize revenue by offering in-image ad inventory to multiple buyers in real time. In-image advertising has been catching the eye of publishers and advertisers for its unique way of monetizing editorial images and being visually more engaging. Though publishers are able to get good CPMs, but from a single buyer. Current in-image adtech capabilities limit the publisher to expose all the inventory to multiple buyers thereby curbing their revenue earning opportunity. �With addition to SSP capabilities in adgebra we are trying to help publishers extract maximum revenue potential from high value in-image ads.� said Rohit Bagad, Founder & CEO, Inuxu. �Adgebra�s SSP with built-in RTB capabilities enables multi-fold monetization. Bid requests are accepted from external DSPs (demand side platforms), adgebra�s own campaigns and additionally from publishers� own ad-server.� he added. The company claims that every DSP connected to adgebra gets access to adgebra�s DMP (data management platform) which offers 150mn+ segmented audiences across 115+ segment types, making in-image ads more attractive for its advertisers. Adgebra�s SSP also comes with an add-on tool to create innovative ads with engagement elements and videos for their direct advertisers and serve it via adgebra�s SSP. With built-in RTB, DMP and creative tool, adgebra SSP is a must have solution for all global publishers those who are looking to monetize in-article images across device types.

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