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  • The Aficionado Experiences Unparalleled personalized indulgence at The St. Regis Macao

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    Macao : The St. Regis Macao, Cotai Central is proud to present the Aficionado Experiences: a ...

    The Aficionado Experiences Unparalleled personalized indulgence at The St. Regis Macao

    Macao : The St. Regis Macao, Cotai Central is proud to present the Aficionado Experiences: a unique series of once-in-a-lifetime indulgences, that deliver the highest level of exclusive, personalized experiences to sophisticated guests seeking the very finest that life has to offer. To create these exceptional experiences, the hotel has partnered with a number of the world�s leading influencers and most prestigious brands. Among them are Kiton, one of Italy�s premier tailors who make some of the world�s most expensive and sought-
    after, hand-made suits, and Cognac Croizet one of the oldest and most iconic Cognac Houses in France. �The Aficionado program is our distinctive approach to offering one-of-a-kind experiences that are designed exclusively for our guests,� said Paul Cunningham, General Manager of Operations at The St. Regis Macao. �Today�s luxury travellers are in search of exceptional indulgences that have value in their rarity and exclusivity.� Aficionado grants access into a world of privileges that no other hotel brand can offer.� Not only will guests enjoy the luxury and bespoke personalized service that the St Regis is known for, they can also enjoy some truly memorable experiences. These include tasting a Cognac never before available to the public, acquiring a supremely crafted and personally fitted suit, hand-tailored from the finest fabrics in Italy, savoring a unique Port-pairing dinner, or enjoying a personalized Gemology luxury spa retreat. The Aficionado Experiences packages are now available until December 2017. A Taste of 1904: A Bespoke Cognac Experience The St Regis Cognac Aficionado Experience will take guests on an exclusive journey back in time to 1904, the year The St. Regis New York was founded. During the journey, our Guest Experience Manager and spirit expert Ben Bost will present the finest selection of Cognacs starting from recent vintages and culminating in a limited edition 1904 Private Reserve. Mr. Bost discovered this rare Cognac, and arranged for it to be bottled exclusively for The St. Regis Macao by Cognac Croizet in recognition of the St Regis� founding year. Cognac Croizet is a legendary French Cognac house which was founded in 1805 by L�on Croizet, who was Sommelier to Napoleon I�s High Command. After the tasting, guests will enjoy a sublime dinner with a menu personally prepared by Chef Gaetano Palumbo, the Executive Sous Chef of The Manor restaurant at the hotel. Guests can savor this rare experience in the Manor�s intimate private dining area: The Penthouse Kitchen. A Tailored Experience from Italy�s Sartorial Master The Aficionado Tailored Experience introduces guests and connoisseurs of fine tailoring to Kiton, one of the most respected tailors in Italy and maker of some of the world�s finest and most sought-after suits. Founded in 1968, Kiton follows a long tradition of high-quality Neapolitan tailoring, catering to the whims of the aristocracy. Today, Kiton symbolizes classic, quality and social distinction: the same values as the St. Regis brand. The two brands are now joining hands to deliver a truly exceptional experience for St Regis guests who will first discover the timeless style, premium fabrics and custom-made traditions that Kiton is known for. The experience will offer guests a personalized consultation in the comfort of a lavishly appointed Metropolitan Suite. Each guest is then measured for a perfectly fitted, suit handcrafted in Italy that demonstrates creativity, spirituality and artistic expression through meticulous hand-stitching and the use of precious yarns and fabrics. The St. Regis Macao guests will receive a preferred price on their suits and delivery service from Italy to a designated address. Port Perfection in Macao In recognition of Macao�s rich Portuguese heritage, The St. Regis Macao�s wine connoisseur has brought together an exclusive collection of the finest Wines and Port direct from the celebrated Quinta Da Sequeira winery in Portugal exclusively for St Regis� guests enjoying this exceptional Aficionado Experience. The traditional family-owned Quinta Da Sequeira estate was founded in 1899 and produces wines exclusively with grapes from their own vineyards in the Douro Superior Region. This region has the highest wine classification in Portugal. This exceptional collection of Wines and Port will be paired with a 5-course dinner personally prepared by Chef Gaetano Palumbo, to bring out the best features of the Portuguese Wines. The bespoke gourmet journey begins with a refreshing Quinta Da Sequeira Ros�, followed by a clear, soft white wine perfectly matched with the freshest seafood. The journey continues with a pleasant white wine made from 100-year-old vines and a concentrated and persistent red wine. Finally, the Quinta da Sequeira Port brings the journey to a rich and memorable conclusion with its full-bodied, sweet and long finishing flavor. Precious Pampering: A Gemology Spa Experience Gemstone healing is deeply rooted in ancient wisdom, and now with this seductive Aficionado Experience, the St Regis Iridium Spa has brought together timeless healing practices with modern therapies to create a personalized spa journey based on a combination of six uniquely selected gemstones designed to match each guest�s personal characteristics. The journey begins with a private consultation and Gemstone Questionnaire in the comfort of the guest�s Presidential Suite. The �Digital Gemstone Questionnaire� will determine each guest�s gemstone �signature� to create an individual, purifying journey for each guest. On the first day of the two-night spa stay, guests will receive a 3-hour and 20-minute Personalized Gemstone treatment, and on the second day a Precious Stone Sublime Indulgence, which consists of a Personalized Gemology skincare session with 22 precious and semi-precious stones, an en-suite Anti-aging Mineral Body Wrap and a Hydrating Hair Treatment. Guests will also have the opportunity to take part in a 60-minute yoga experience on the St. Regis pool deck and complete the experience elegantly with an afternoon tea at The St. Regis Bar.

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