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  • Valluri Technology Accelerators sign a Agreement for Smart Cities, Cleantech and Environmental Sustainability programs

    2015-05-21 05:54:47.0
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    Bangalore : VITO NV, a Belgium-based leading European Innovation and Research Centre, and Valluri ...

    Bangalore : VITO NV, a Belgium-based leading European Innovation and Research Centre, and Valluri Technology Accelerators today signed a technology and business cooperation agreement for an array of programs covering smart cities, clean technology, and environmental sustainabilityin India.The two companies will offer their vast expertise on developing technological concepts and knowhow in the fields of energy, water, waste, pollution, healthcare and land use. Valluri Technology Accelerators has been founded by Mr. Venkatesh Valluri, a veteran in the fields of technology, innovation and business creation for the Indian markets. He also currently serves as the Non-Executive Chairman of Ingersoll Rand India Pvt Ltd. The company will bring in European technologies developed and initiated by VITO and its partners to the Indian market through its engagement with the Indian government, interested companies, individual players, investors and other clients.Valluri Technology Accelerators has an extensive knowledge and understanding of the Indian market and will provide the necessary local presence. VITO has extensive experience in the field of urban climate action plans.� This is the company�s first formal entry into the country through an Indian business and technology partner.Speaking on the occasion Mr. Dirk Fransaer, CEO, VITO said, �We are extremely glad with this association. We have been working with large industrial houses in India through project-specific contracts but now we can draw upon our extensive global network and expertise in cleantech clusters and associations for offering solutions to problems that are unique to India.� Further adding, Mr. Venkatesh Valluri, Founder& Chairman, Valluri Technology Accelerators said, �There is a fundamental rethink happening across the world on resource consumption targets that reflect environmental constraints. There is increasing recognition that resource efficiency and security are critical to future economic competitiveness and resilience � for countries and companies alike.� This agreement will focus on key areas around energy saving, water, pollution, waste, healthcare and smart city development through collaborative approaches and principles of technology convergence.This partnership will also aim to create a digitally empowered eco-system through cloud-based technologies based on circular economic principles where products can be repaired, reused or upgraded instead of being disposed. Deploying the right cost effective technologies in India for these applications, which have a positive impact on societies, will lead to creating multiple manufacturing opportunities. This will aid the �Make in India� campaign which the Government has been supporting.� VTA and VITO propose to actively work with both the National and State Governments in supporting the rejuvenation plans of both green field and brown field projects outlined by the Government of India.

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