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  • ​Being a singer; other side of the entrepreneur Jeevan Tiwari

    Published on October 25, 2021

    ​Music is like a medicine, that can cure almost everything. A boring evening can turn into an amazing rocking unforgettable evening with the help of music. Music is an amazing art form that can be used wisely. This art form is very ancient. The Sufi music and singing art are examples of ancient music. Music is an amazing art form, that is available to only a few artists. Music is created by a few artists and enjoyed by almost everyone else. There are different factors in music too. Singing and playing different instruments are included in the music. 

    ​Playing different instruments, different kinds of music can be created. The art of singing is also included in the music. There are many artists in the music industry of India. Some artists are experts in playing instruments and some of them are expert in the singing. In India, the competition is rising in every profession. In the music industry, there is also a tough competition. Some artists can create the music, but they are unable to create heart touching music. To create soulful music is a rare art. Very rare singers have such a magical voice, who can create amazing heart touching songs. These songs are sung by these singers in a very fine manner, that the song becomes unforgettable for the listeners. 

    ​Here, we are talking about one such talented singer named, Jeevan Tiwari. Jeevan Tiwari is an amazing artist, who is having a magical voice. Jeevan Tiwari is known for his business skill. He is well-known entrepreneur in digital world. The main business of Jeevan Tiwari is content creation, YouTube marketing and digital marketing. Jeevan Tiwari has got an immense success in the field of digital marketing business at a very young age of 20. This 20-year-old entrepreneur is having a soft corner in his heart for the love of music. “Music is my inspiration.”, says Jeevan Tiwari. “Music helps me in ups and downs in my life. It makes me more energetic towards my work. It is amazing to feel the song while singing. I can work all night for my passion for singing.” 

    ​In today’s era, it is very common to forget old habits in day-to-day life. Good habits are very easy to be forgotten and it is difficult to create good habits. The amazing thing about habits is they make your personality. Jeevan Tiwari, the entrepreneur, has a very tight business schedule to follow. In his busy schedules, also, he spares time for his passion. Jeevan Tiwari is an ideal personality for the youth. This young entrepreneur is now jumping into the professional singing career. Jeevan Tiwari sets his goals very high in every field. So, in the music field also, he has set high goals for himself. 

    ​Really, artists like Jeevan Tiwari are proved to be assets for our society. Let’s wish a very good luck to this young entrepreneur for his bright career in the music field also.


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