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  • ‘It’s back to school’ time for 13,500 CBSE school principals

    Published on March 25, 2013

    New Delhi : Come April 1, 2013, Principals of over 13500 schools in over 30 states across the country following the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum would spend at least a week in the coming year to train themselves in effective leadership and school management.

    In what is seen as one of the biggest initiatives mandated by CBSE to take Principals, Vice Principals and Head Mistresses (and of course, Head Masters) back to school, they have been mandated to compulsorily spend at least 7 days learning a range of skills oriented and behavioural programs.

    The flagship 5-day behavioural program on Leadership and School management would be offered in both residential and a non-residential format.

    This program is divided into two parts of behavioral learning on leadership that would include among others unraveling leadership styles, goal setting, collaboration and team building, vision building, time management, conflict resolution.

    The technical learning would bring school heads up to speed on many reforms and policies of CBSE and Government like Right to Education, students not being marked only on their final examination marks but through Comprehensive and Continuous Evaluation (CCE), using technology for both school administration and enhancing learning and financial management.

    On being assigned to offer this program, Santhosh Babu, founding Managing Director, Organisation Development Alternatives said, “We are delighted to partner this breakthrough initiative of CBSE that will empower Principals to act as chief executives of their respective schools and strengthen their leadership capabilities”

    According to CBSE official spokesperson, “In keeping with the changing times we believe the School Principals too need to expand their leadership capability to manage the entire education process.

    “The leadership and school management program will empower them to play a bigger role in leading their schools and to improve the overall education process,” the spokesperson added.

    Terming it as a as a big opportunity to equip and hone leadership capabilities of School Principals, Santhosh Babu said, “This 5-day two-part program has the potential to impact the vision and values of their teachers and to manage the education process in nurseries (schools) that prepare future generations of rising India.

    “Specialist teams from ODA shall bring in vast knowledge, skills and experience of developing leadership in the corporate sector to help Principals to open their minds to new ways of leading and managing schools of the 21st century.” Santhosh added.