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  • 10 Cm Cervical Fibroid Weighing One-And-Half Kg Successfully Removed from A 48-Year-Old Woman

    Published on December 7, 2022

    Mumbai: A team led by Dr Rajashri Tayshete Bhasale Consultant Gynaecologist, Laparoscopic Surgeon & Obstetrician, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road successfully removed a 10 cm cervical fibroid weighing one-and-half kgs through a laparoscopic hysterectomy.

    48-year-old resident of Boisar, Palghar district, Maharashtra a mother of two. She underwent tubal surgery and 2 LCSC surgeries for deliveries. Post her deliveries, she complained of intense abdominal pain and menorrhagia or abnormally heavy bleeding during menstruation for the last 8 months. She consulted local doctors but due to high risk in the view of multiple previous surgeries, the patient was referred to Wockhardt Hospital, Mira Road wherein she got that much-needed relief from the pain.

    Dr Rajashri Tayshete Bhasale Consultant Gynaecologist, Laparoscopic Surgeon & Obstetrician, Wockhardt Hospitals, Mira Road said, “She presented with excessive bleeding and pain. Her examination & Investigations confirmed it is Cervical fibroid. Cervical Fibroids are less common. Less than 1 percent of women encounter this problem. They need skillful surgery as they are in close proximity to the ureter (pipe draining urine from kidney to bladder). She also had anaemia.  The fibroid was pressing her uretes (urine pipe) and affecting her kidneys. After receiving blood transfusion, she was scheduled to undergo a laparoscopic hysterectomy.”

    Dr Tayshete added, “During the procedure, 3 ports were used with a 5mm camera that we call as minimal ports in minimal access surgery. Where there are less ports used than regular 5 ports laparoscopic surgeries. It was a scarless surgery. Approaching the cervix and cervical fibroid was a big challenge as there were dense adhesions in the pelvis due to her previous surgeries. Also, the uterine artery was stretched over the fibroid and there was no separate demarcation for fibroid from cervix. After due adhesiolysis fibroid was approached posteriorly and surgery was successfully done.  A cervical fibroid of 10 cm weighing one and a half kg was removed from vagina. Surgery went on well. Patient went home within 48hrs of surgery. “

    The routine gynaecological examination is important for women after 20 to tackle any abnormal gynaecological problems as this condition causes abnormal menses, infertility or abortion even if the woman conceives. 

    “That intense abdominal pain and blood flow during menses stole my peace of mind. I tried many home remedies such as placing a hot water bag on my stomach, sipping hot beverages, exercising, sitting in an erect position, having ginger tea, and even drinking plenty of water. But all these things failed to help me get rid of the pain. I continued to suffer in silence for almost 8 months. I would get stressed and anxious due to that constant blood flow during menses. I didn’t know what to do and kept it to myself. Finally, the pain was unbearable and I was shocked to know about the cervical fibroid. I thank the doctors for treating me promptly and removing the fibroid. I am pain-free now and can do my daily activities with ease. I urge other women not to ignore any abnormal changes in the body and seek immediate medical attention,” concluded patient Ms Akshara Shah ( Name changed)


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