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  • 10 Things to Know About Two-Wheeler Insurance Policies in India

    Published on January 4, 2019

    Every two-wheeler owner needs to insure their bike with an insurance policy. This is the law of the land and not following this law has serious implications. One can even be imprisoned for riding a bike without a valid insurance policy. Read ahead to know 10 important things about covers provided by 2 wheeler insurance in India.


    1. While it is only mandatory to purchase the minimalistic Third-party Liability policy, it is suggested to opt for a Comprehensive plan because of the coverage offered. Comprehensive plan includes the mandatory cover as well as enhanced protection to the bike owner. Damages to the bike are covered under a Comprehensive plan.
    2. You might have heard some terms such as Roadside Assistance, Zero Depreciation, etc. These are Add-on covers. They provide extra coverage and can be purchased only along with a Comprehensive plan.
    3. The Add-ons can be tricky. They provide enhanced coverage but also increase the bike insurance premium. Therefore, you must be judicious while selecting these covers. Select only those that meet your requirements and add value to your policy.
    4. Many two-wheeler owners purchase their 2 wheeler insurance from the bike dealer while purchasing the vehicle. Some, even go back to the dealer to renew their policies. What everyone might not know is that one can easily decide to part ways with the dealer in case of insuring the bike. By stepping away from the dealer, you can look at the bigger picture, consider more options, and select a policy as per your choice. You do not need to blindly follow what the bike dealer dictates with respect to selecting a bike insurance cover.
    5. It is necessary to look at the coverage offered closely. Some insurers might include certain features in their basic Comprehensive plan as well. They might provide certain Add-ons as a package.
    6. Digital insurers have made the entire insurance experience simple and convenient. They not only offer low-priced policies but also have a swift claim settlement process in place. Digital insurers might run some offers on their websites as well to further reduce the insurance premium.
    7. Remember to compare right. Consider the entire package comprising of cost, cover, and the service quotient of the insurers while comparing policies. Don’t be lured by just low prices, make sure that you get the desired coverage by comparing right.
    8. If you do not raise a claim during the policy period, you get a discount while renewing the policy. This is known as No Claim Bonus. Ensure that the quote provided to you by the insurer includes this benefit if you are eligible for it.
    9. The Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your bike plays a crucial role in determining the premium of your bike insurance policy. For better understanding, it can be termed as approximate, current value of the bike. Get in touch with your insurer if you are unsure about your bike’s IDV.
    10. Securing your bike with an anti-theft device is a good idea. Apart from keeping your bike safe from thieves, it can also fetch you a discount on bike insurance premium.


    Online Two-wheeler Insurance

    There are two primary ways of insuring your bike: two-wheeler insurance offline and two-wheeler insurance online. Going for online two wheeler insurance is a good way to save money. With online two-wheeler insurance, you can insure your bike within minutes. Even those who are not well-versed with technology can choose two-wheeler insurance online without any expert guidance because of its simplistic interface.