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  • Friday, April, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 12:08:28
  •  A 13-year-old student of The Academy School (TAS), Pune, has developed an application that will help users access the weather of any village, city, or country.

    Palash Wagh, a Grade VIII student from TAS, Pune, said he wanted to create something reliable. “I wanted to try my hand at coding using my favourite subjects– Geography and Computer. The app is created using Java script and HTML and the user interface is done with CSS. This app is connected to software called API (application programming interface) that enables real-time weather updates according to the location of the device. The app also shows wind speed and humidity in the area,” Wagh said.

    While the app was designed as an activity of passion during class, TAS will support the application-building process professionally and plans to launch it on the App Store on Android as well as iOS software.

    Dr. Maithili Tambe, CEO, TAS, said Wagh’s achievement is a result of applied learning and the productive school environment. “The thing is that students enjoy their time in school which brings out the best in them. Moreover, being happy while learning encourages them to harbour and channel their talents. Wagh is a testament to the school’s motto of ‘by the Student and for the Student’,” Tambe said.


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