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    22% Indians say they ‘won’t’ report to a hospital on the onset of COVID-19’s symptoms

    Published on March 30, 2020

    New Delhi: Neta App, the technology platform that promotes civic engagement, conducted a survey to gauge citizen attitude when it comes to reporting Covid-19 symptoms to the government. As per the findings of the survey, while 78% Indians said they will report to a hospital on the onset of Covid-19 symptoms, 22% said they will not report to a hospital, fearing the quarantine facilities. Uttar Pradesh has the highest percentage of people (28%) who said they would not report symptoms of Covid-19, followed by Punjab (27%), Gujarat (25%) and West Bengal (25%).

    With India having imposed a lockdown to deal with the increasing COVID-19 cases, there have been several instances of people dodging the quarantine orders, posing a major obstacle for authorities trying to contain the virus. Several reports of people escaping quarantine across states like Rajasthan and Maharashtra to name a few have come to light recently. Till now, India has reported over 1000 positive COVID-19 cases. According to the World Health Organization, some of the common symptoms of Coronavirus include cough, fever, tiredness, and difficulty breathing (in severe cases).

    Commenting on the findings of the survey, Pratham Mittal, Founder, Neta App said, “The survey reflects upon a very serious crisis that the country is dealing with right now. If 22% people do not report to the hospital for fear of lacking facilities and continue spreading the infections, that can cause serious issues for the community and completely dent the efforts of the government to curb the virus. The need of the hour is to educate people about the seriousness of the issue at hand.”

    Please find below the state wise results for your reference:

    States Will visit a Hospital (%) Won’t visit a hospital (%)
    Maharashtra 78.99 21.01
    Uttar Pradesh 72.31 27.69
    Delhi 81.3 18.7
    West Bengal 75 25
    Karnataka 82.9 17.1
    Madhya Pradesh 80.91 19.09
    Haryana 77.31 22.69
    Telangana 83.54 16.46
    Rajasthan 78.89 21.11
    Bihar 77.78 22.22
    Andhra Pradesh 81.78 18.22
    Punjab 73.33 26.67
    Gujarat 74.98 25.02
    Kerala 79.01 20.99
    Assam 83.74 16.26
    Uttarakhand 75 25
    Tripura 80 20
    Chhatisgarh 78.2 21.8
    Odisha 81.36 18.64
    Jharkhand 75 25
    Himachal Pradesh 81.27 18.73
    Tamil Nadu 83.39 16.61
    Meghalaya 79.58 20.42
    Goa 80 20
    Average 78.04% 21.96%