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  • Monday, July, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:48:38
  • [24]7.ai – a global leader in intent-driven customer engagement solutions has introduced a new employee advocacy program aimed at boosting its brand image and strengthening the integrity of the company. The company has currently brought together a team of over 350 employees to be their brand advocates; providing them the right tools to amplify their voices and leverage their social media networks to share its brand story. Through this program, [24]7.ai envisages an increase in brand reach and engagement. 

    The credibility of the brand is far more extensive when it is the employees advocating for it. Leveraging the power and network of the company’s employee base, an employee advocacy program organically increases employee engagement, boosts brand awareness, reputation and supports recruitment efforts. A well-designed employee advocacy program implemented diligently can help the brand reach a significantly larger audience, increasing the brand’s visibility. 

    Although the goal with building an employee advocacy program is ambitious, [24]7.ai puts forth its challenges with the program transparently, while also addressing each hurdle with utmost dedication. As trust plays a vital role in how they make their employees feel, the program is highly dependent on how the employees identify with the brand.  

    [24]7.ai’s Head of HRD, India and Americas, Nina Nair quotes “We take employee engagement very seriously; it is always at the top of our priority list. We believe that happy experiences make happy employees and we are thrilled that this has helped them stay connected to each other as well as the brand. The stories that are being shared by our people have that much more weightage in how our brand is being perceived.” 

    [24]7.ai’s progress with this program has been exceptional from its inception:

    • Brand conversations and reach have grown by 2x
    • The collective engagement rate on social media grew from 7% to ~15%
    • The positive conversations on the brand have grown significantly, while negative conversations have decreased from 12% to 3%

    The program constantly supports the advocates to grow their skills, strengthen their social media presence for themselves and the brand in turn. 

    Animesh Jain, CDO – India & Americas adds “Brand building has always been one of our major focal areas, with our employees being the backbone of our business and brand. The power of social media has skyrocketed in the past few years, and has become one of the main sources of knowledge in understanding the pulse of a brand. Jumping on the bandwagon of brand advocacy itself has been a journey of self-discovery and immense learning.”

    In this continuous learning space, [24]7.ai hopes to grow the program and to take forward brand advocacy by exploring new ways of creating memorable brand experiences. 


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