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  • Sunday, February, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:29:32
  • Cryptocurrencies are one of the safest digital currencies, protected by Cryptography to prevent double-spending or forgery. The market is rapidly growing, and new projects are being released every month. Most of the projects are carbon copies of successful tokens, and very few have the latest and unique features.

    The cryptocurrency market is not about earning passive income, as it offers more benefits for users. Three cryptocurrencies that will be discussed in this article have set the tone for new projects to come. Chainlink (LINK) and Internet Computer (ICP) are smart contract platforms, while Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is a meme coin with a definite aim to do better for society. Read below to know in detail about the three of these.

    Chainlink Is Efficient

    Chainlink (LINK) works in assisting with smart contracts. It provides a link between the blockchains and external data. Chainlink (LINk) is the first crypto network to provide access to off-chain data in smart contracts. It is one of the major platforms in the data processing field due to its integration and safe data delivery.

    The LINK ecosystem highly depends on off-chain data providers, smart contract developers, security auditors, and more. Due to its high efficiency, many big platforms, such as Huiboi, and Brave New Coin, monetize their data by selling it to Chainlink.

    The token has a maximum supply of 1B tokens as per CMC. With over $3Bn in market cap, LINK currently stands firmly in the top 25 crypto tokens.

    Internet Computer Is Pushing The Boundaries

    ICP is a decentralized blockchain to push the boundaries of Internet functionality. As Web3 is approaching, ICP can attract more people due to its goals. It also provides support for smart contract development with high scalability.

    The ICP network works at web speed, distinguishing it from other crypto projects. Also, anyone with a little knowledge of blockchains can create apps and release them on the internet for public use.

    ICP is the project of the DFINITY foundation, which is planning to equip the developers more and make the internet more accessible to the public. Internet Computer (ICP) have a market cap of over $1Bn which can increase or decrease according to the market situation.

    On CMC, it is currently in the top 50 tokens. Last year on May 10, Trading View recorded ICP’s ATH (All-Time-High) at $750.73.

    Big Eyes Coin Is Thriving In Presale

    Big Eyes coin (BIG) is a new meme coin in the crypto space that has yet to launch. But if you look at the hype, you might think it’s already up and running. Currently, it’s in the public presale phase. The project has already raised over $9M  and has no plan to stop until the set target is hit.

    Big Eyes Coin wants to empower its community by giving all the right to vote on proposed upgrades. Also, Bug Eyes Coin is working hard to secure underwater life. BIG has already made several donations to ocean charities, according to the roadmap. The developers have given a total of 200B tokens as its supply, out of which 10B tokens are for charity. Anyone can visit the website and explore the roadmap and whitepaper if you have a strong analysis.

     How to Buy?

    To get approximately 4100 BIG tokens for 1USDT, hurry to the project’s website and click on the Buy button. Now collect your crypto wallet and ensure that it has USDT or ETH because one of these is needed to get the tokens.

    To Sum Up

    Big Eyes Coin (BIG) is being sold at a fast pace as people are attracted to the cute cat token. Also, because of its positive missions, the investors are supporting it by buying BIG tokens. If you got here, you should have a look at their website.

    Use the code BIG560 to get ‘BIG’ bonus tokens!

    For more information on Big Eyes (BIG), you can visit the following links:


    Website: https://bigeyes.space/



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