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3 foods you can eat during your Navratri fasts

By Ritika Samaddar, Regional Head-Dietetics, Max Healthcare – Delhi

Celebrated throughout the country with much pomp and show, Navratri marks the beginning of all the important Hindu festivals like Dusshera, Karva Chauth and Diwali. Navratri is a nine day-long celebration and the festive zeal engulfs the devotees to leave no stone unturned to express their devotion towards Goddess Durga. One way of doing so is by observing fast for a few or all days of Navratri to seek the blessings of the goddess.

So, are you fasting during the auspicious days of Navratri? Then, you might be wondering what all can you eat to stay energized while fasting through the 9 days of the festival. The Navratri diet can be one of the healthiest diets if you do it the right way. This Navratri, make sure your body gets enough nutrients with these 3 foods you probably didn’t know you could eat during fasting:

1.    Quinoa: Did you know that quinoa is a pseudo cereal and part of the family as amaranth, which is a seed, not a grain? It works nicely as a substitute for rice, food one can eat during Navratri fasts as it is packed with protein, fibre and various vitamins and minerals. It is nutritious and will replenish you with an instant energy fix.

2.    Sweet potato: During fasting, if you crave a sweet flavour, then you definitely need to add sweet potato to the menu. Sweet potato is known to remove dehydration from the body. It contains elements like potassium, sodium and calcium which are very beneficial for the body. It is also known as an immunity booster.

3.    Almonds: Almonds can be a good snack to munch on during the Navratri festivities. With their subtle, buttery flavour and versatility, they can easily be eaten by themselves or as part of a nuts and seeds mix. Besides this, their nutrient rich profile makes them an apt choice for any kind of snacking – whether it’s in between meals, while binge watching, midnight munching or even before or after a workout.  Almonds are also known to provide energy which will keep you active during the festivities especially when fasting. Added to that, almonds are known to have satiating properties which will help in keeping a person full in between meals. And finally, eating a handful of almonds during the Navratri fasts can also be wonderful for the skin, as almonds contain healthy fats and vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol) which have been shown to impart anti-aging properties that may benefit skin health.

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