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  • Thursday, May, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:21:06
  • 3M India today announced the launch of its revolutionary 3M™ Performance Spray Gun, an innovative spray technology that delivers top-of-the-line performance with unrivaled productivity. The Indian automotive paint industry has witnessed an upsurge in quality-driven paint technologies with stringent VOC emission regulations for paint production and preferences for better paint textures. This has led 3M to undertake in-depth research on what the customer really needs for excellent performance delivery.

    3M™ Performance Spray Gun is up to 50% lighter as compared to other spray guns in the segment, making it the world’s lightest spray gun. The advanced impact-resistant, stainless steel-reinforced composite body has been optimized by kinesiologists for improved comfort and convenience.

    Speaking on the launch Mr. P T. Mukund, Area Division leader, 3M India said, “India has always been a significant part of our growth story. We’re mindful of the Indian milieu and it is our constant endeavor to understand the needs of our Indian customers. At 3M, we have a culture of using creative thinking and resourcefulness to pursue promising opportunities and strategically meet outcomes, all the while ‘expanding the pie’. All our structures, systems, and cultures are designed to help our teams achieve success. I’m confident that the 3M performance spray is going to go a long way to giving our customers a never before delightful experience.”

    In 2000, 3M first invented the 3M™ PPS™ paint preparation system – the world’s first disposable paint cup system, and a revolution in painting productivity and quality. After years of observing hundreds of painters at work, 3M has now invented the 3M™ Performance Spray Gun which is set to revolutionize paint productivity and user experience.

    Backed by 10 years of relentless research and development, the performance spray gun enhances the user experience and efficiency by improving the spray execution. The performance spray gun includes advanced interchangeable nozzle technology, the game-changer in this segment. With six different sizes from 1.2 to 2.0, each atomizing head is optimized for consistent atomization and superior transfer efficiency across a full range of high-performance automotive coatings. The spray gun enables the user to spray solid colors, metallics, pearls, clear coats, sealers, and primers with the same consistent premium application.

    Commenting on the industry, Ashutosh Shirodkar, Executive Director & Country Business Group Leader – Safety & Industrial Business Group at 3M India Limited, said, “We are seeing global vehicle platforms arrive at local developing markets, almost immediately after global launches. Consequently, these new age platforms demand the next level of paint refinishing & dent repair. Home grown passenger vehicle manufacturers too are significantly raising the bar on vehicle quality & features, pampering customers for choice.”

    Highlighting the research aspect, Amlendukumar Singh, Manager AAD, 3M India said, “3M™ Performance Spray Gun is yet another exciting addition to our pack of innovative collision repair products. Developed with science and passion, Performance Spray Gun is a product that took several years in the making with in-depth research.”


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