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    4 Choices to Make While Using Technology

    Published on October 27, 2021

    The global pandemic has exposed the fragility of our world and our sense of wellbeing. Workplaces and schools have turned to remote working via platforms such as Zoom and Teams to sustain lives.  Even when it comes to education, homeschooling has relied heavily on such platforms. Technology is growing at a revolutionary pace in today’s time. Some people see it as a blessing, while others consider it a curse. Technology has definitely been a saviour in this time, yet, there are plenty of downsides that cannot be overlooked.

    By following these tips, you can effectively handle the use of technology in your daily life.

    Reduce Dependency

    With the increasing number of digital apps and social media platforms, dependency on technology has increased. Time management is crucial and dependencies on technology create a decline in human capital. It is important to reduce dependency by increasing personal effort such as using GPS only when needed, or avoiding calculators instead calculating manually. This technique will help you be more involved in your daily life instead of relying on technology 24/7.    

    Save your Sleep

    All devices emit “blue light”, which according to researchers, affects production of the sleep-related hormone melatonin in turn interfering with the quality of your sleep. Secondly, a text or a tweet before bedtime can be stimulating enough to make your mind start racing when it is supposed to be winding down. You must refrain from using the phone at night, even avoid setting an alarm as it can be tempting to have the phone on the bedside table. A good night’s sleep will help you stay fresh and active during the daytime.

    Practice Self Control

    Cellphones and other devices have become a huge part of our lives, on one hand it has increased connectivity, on the other it has reduced the need for interpersonal conversations. Often, we feel tempted, even more so, obliged to respond to a work email or attend a business call, post working hours. Scrolling mindlessly on several social media channels has also become a natural habit for us. Many people experience feeling inadequate or incompetent when they see other people showcasing their “perfect lives” on social media. We are plainly deceived without realizing that people’s lives are rarely as perfect as they make it seem online. You can change your relationship with social media and the internet by setting a time limit every day in order to practice self-control.

    Take Time to Appreciate Real Connections

    As we move towards a digital world at a fast pace, we have increasingly become distracted from connecting with people in real life. Face-to-face interactions have a great impact on your emotional well-being, it’s crucial to unplug when you’re with friends and family. When you want to avoid temptation, you can switch your phone off, this will help you detach and reduce anxiety. 

    Technology addiction is running rampant, but there is a need to use technology on a daily basis. It might be a requirement for your job, or it might be a safety issue (such as ensuring everyone in the family has a smartphone in case of emergencies). That is why it is not completely possible to limit the usage of technology in our daily life.