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  • Thursday, June, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:43:25
  • In today’s fast-paced world, prioritizing mental health and well-being is essential. Fortunately, technology offers a plethora of resources to support our mental wellness journey, right at our fingertips. From meditation and mindfulness to mood tracking and cognitive behavioral therapy, mental health apps provide accessible tools for managing stress, anxiety, and depression.


    Evolve is a health-tech startup on a mission to make mental health safe, simple, and joyful! Co-founded by Anshul Kamath and Rohan Arora in 2020. With interactive content based on Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), The Evolve app and its proprietary interface users in improving their mental health. The app has over 2,50,000 users worldwide and was part of  “Google Play’s Best Of 2021″ in India. Evolve has a strong focus on LGBTQ+ audiences, with curated content and offerings specifically for members of the community.


    Wysa is a conversational bot that gauges human emotions through expression. Wysa employs evidence-based cognitive and behavioral strategies along with micro-actions to improve the user’s quality of life. Additionally, it states that after using the chatbot help for more than three months, the symptoms of despair and anxiety have been cut in half for its customers.


    Amaha, a tech-driven omnichannel mental health platform closes the 95% treatment gap in mental health in India. A variety of tools and services are available on the platform to assist people with their psychological requirements. Amaha is led by experienced healthcare and tech professionals who are enthusiastic about leveraging technology to provide Indians in need of mental health services with excellent treatment, irrespective of their age, region, gender, or line of work. Along with their successful entrepreneurial experience both in India and outside, Amaha’s co-founder and CEO, Dr. Amit Malik, brings to the table perspectives on mental and emotional health from both the provider and user sides.


    MANAS stands for Mental Health and Normalcy Augmentation System. It is a nationwide digital wellness platform that is all-inclusive, scalable, and available. It has been created to support Indian residents’ mental health. The platform combines the wellness and health initiatives of different government agencies. Teleconsultation is available to complement the application, which can be used for an individual’s general wellbeing, particularly for issues relating to mental health. All data records will be kept up to date and there will be health tracking as well. Users will find it useful in upcoming consultations.


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