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4700BC launches the first ever ready-to-eat sweet corn

New Delhi : 4700BC, India’s Premium snacks brand, continues its streak of disruption for the snacking category with the launch of the world’s first-ever, ready-to-eat sweet corn.

Sweet corn dates back in the snacking history of the world across different cultures. However, it was never seen as a modern on-the-go snack one could package and provide for the urban population until now. The idea of introducing Ready-to-eat sweet corn germinated from the increasing inclination of millennials and Gen-Z towards ready-to-eat category which is a result of rapid urbanization and growth in income. Embracing this growing affinity for convenience, healthy alternatives for quick consumption food without compromising on variety and taste, 4700BC has introduced the first ever Ready-To-Eat Sweet Corn that touches the sweet spot between nostalgia and next-gen snacking trends. It is designed to be convenient enough to be carried anywhere for travel occasions and is great to satiate hunger pangs in between meals, or at odd hours.

Expressing his delight on the new launch Chirag Gupta, Founder, 4700BC said, “4700BC has disrupted the Indian market in the past with its premium gourmet popcorn collection and revolutionised the idea of ‘Makhana’ as a snack with its range of flavoured protein pops. Ready-to-eat Sweet Corn is our next move to reach people’s hearts, and provide them with tasty yet healthy snack on the go. Building untapped categories is what we cherish and thrive on. 4700BC’s mission is to build an unparalleled premium snacks brand that becomes the face for disruption in the snacking industry. We will continue to offer healthier and more flexible opportunities in the all-day snacking and better-for-you snacks segments. We are confident that consumers will appreciate the world’s first ready-to-eat sweet corn just like our other innovations.”

The ready-to-eat sweet corn from 4700 BC will be available in a tangy and delightful range of flavours — Lemon Pepper, Barbeque, Natural and Butter to cater to different taste preferences. The product will come in a retort packaging which retains moisture and keeps the corn fresh even without refrigeration. The pack is microwavable. It is an exemplary healthy snacking option with high fibre content, is non-GMO, has no preservatives, and is gluten-free.

4700BC was launched in 2012 and is responsible for introducing Indians to never-heard-before gourmet popcorn flavours. Since then, their exciting range of innovative, high quality and clean label products has helped them establish a strong foothold in the subcontinent. The brand has been consciously innovating to offer consumers fun, healthy, convenient, on-the-go, dry snack as they are increasingly drawing the interest of health-and-wellness conscious snackers who look for great-tasting snacks but without the guilt. 4700BC’s ready-to-eat sweet corn is now available at INR 75-80 for 80-82g on 4700BC’s website and will soon be available on leading e-comm channels followed by retail and institutional sales.

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