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  • 474 people were infected with covid and 3 died in Dima Hasao

    Published on May 17, 2021

    by Anup Biswas

    HaflongĀ  : Covid’s new SOP has come into force in the state from Sunday. As a result, shops, markets, restaurants, etc. are closed at eleven o’clock instead of twelve o’clock on the day. A similar scene was witnessesed at the district headquarters, Haflong on Sunday.

    However, in the last two days, the police have given some opportunity to the general public to be alert and cautious about Covid protocol, but in reality, some people were reluctant to follow the Covid protocols. On Sunday Deputy Commissioner, Paul Barua, ASP Indranil Barua, Assistant Commissioner Ibon Teron landed on the field to inspect the situation during curfiew.

    At Sambhudhan Point at Haflong town on Sunday, Haflong Sadar Police Station OC Pawan Gayan drove away the curfew violators with his team. Town Sub-Inspector Deepajyoti Sharma also took stern action against the violators at the taxi stand. Action was also taken against the owners of some bikes and cars. On the same day.

    Dima Hasao Additional Superintendent of Police Indranil Barua made it clear to the on-duty police officers that law-breakers could not be spared at all. Because the Covid situation in the state was a matter of serious concern. Therefore, in case of emergency work, even if the exemption is given on the basis of evidence, the police will take legal action even after 12 o’clock in the day, even if you drive or walk on foot.

    Responding to a question from reporters, Additional Superintendent of Police Barua said, If anyone breaks the rule and takes a car, legal action must be taken. On this day, Additional Superintendent of Police Indranil Barua said people must abide by the government’s policy guidelines to prevent Covid . Because the Covid graph of the Dima Hasao district as well as the state is upward.

    Meanwhile, a man named Banakanti Bhattacharya (69) died in Guwahati on Saturday after contracting covid. When he was referred to Guwahati for better treatment, Bhattacharya’s cowardly report came negative yesterday morning. But he died at one quarter of the night. Note that the number of Kovid infected in Dima Hasao district entered the house of 474. Of these, 201 people have recovered. There are 251 active people and 201 people in home isolation. So far 3 people have died.