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  •  5 Best Interview-as-a-Service Providers to Identify the Right Talent in 2023

    Published on December 15, 2022

    At a time when news of layoffs is rife, companies are still trying to find the right talent for projects. Hence, interview-as-a-service platforms set their sights to evaluate the right candidate with their precise screening methodologies. Finding the right talent for the project, motivating them to give their all on the job are all important recruiting companies’ concerns. A recruiter’s job now includes much more than just recruiting, as the recruiting pool is expanding and the hiring process is shifting to a virtual one. Additionally, as a result of this, there are now more interview platforms attempting to bridge the skills shortage gap.

    The Top 5 Interview-as–a-Service Providers for 2023 are listed below: 


    InCruiter is one of the leading interview-as-a-service provider across the globe to assist businesses in identifying the perfect fit through precision and accurate evaluation. The platform embodies a 2000+ pool of qualified interviewers to conduct the interviews on behalf of the companies. In simple terms, you source the candidates & they oversee the interview process to help you select the best candidate. Standardizing the interview process via advanced automated interview platforms is their vision statement. They have been enabling startups & enterprises to improve their interview process for the last 4 years. Their aim is to let the HR department focus on their core business activities while they look after the interview prerequisites. They have satisfied 250+ Domestic and International Clients (UK, USA, & all around the world) with their innovative interview solutions.


    With automated, AI-powered workflows that provide the speed and precision needed in university hiring, HirePro is a platform that can be accessed and utilized by all the stakeholders in various college hiring procedures. The platform provides digital-cheating detection and control using AI-driven, live, and automated proctoring a smooth experience for job seekers attending hiring occasions, with automated progress updates and post-offer help desk support


    To scale and optimize technical hiring, eTeki offers interviews-as-a-service to hiring teams. Our professional talent pool has sellers in every role and tech stack across 100 different countries. Sellers can become licensed interviewers through the eTeki onboarding process. Within 24 hours or less, buyers receive a comprehensive candidate report and video.

    Cangra Talents 

    The platform CANGRA Talents allows interviewers to gain that recognition by sharing their interviewing techniques with other businesses around the globe. We provide our services to the IT, manufacturing, and financial sectors. In 2017, a team of IIT-Kanpur and IIT-BHU alumni as well as an industry veteran formed CANGRA.


    Innovative communication techniques are used by InTouch to provide executives and employees a voice. They guarantee discretion to all who phone the hotline. InTouch pledged individualized attention and cutting-edge technology to the customers. Peter Lilienthal established InTouch in Minneapolis in 1991, creating the first employee feedback system. CIO Applications Magazine named InTouch one of the Top 25 GRC Solutions Providers for 2019.


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