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    5 companies that provide air ambulance service in India

    Published on September 27, 2021

    With regards to healthcare and medical emergencies, time is associated with life primarily and then with money, no wonder why time is indeed money to save a patient’s life. With every second saved, a patient can be gifted with a high probability of survival chances. To deal with dire situations in a medical air ambulance equipped with necessary medical equipment plays a great role.

    But why would anyone need an Air Ambulance?

    Sometimes patients are advised to manage their medical care between 2 or more facilities. To avoid fatigue and time killing due to travelling, air ambulance comes to rescue. If the distance is too far, air ambulances are the savior not only for the people who are advised to travel from one city to another but also for the people who live on the outskirts of the city. By saving time via air ambulance can decrease the damage done by the medical emergency as injury that possesses an immediate risk to a person’s life. Below listed are some companies that provide air ambulance service in India.


    The global experience in medical transportation services allows us to deliver a perfect, reliable & glitch-free service to all. We have grown to become the pioneers in private ambulance services and are the leaders when it comes to ambulance service in Hyderabad. Backed by a fleet of over 900 ambulances that work 24/7, guarantee medical transport within 15 minutes and are packed with top-of-the-line equipment and highly trained personnel, we are on our way to achieving our aim to deliver round the clock medical transport support to anyone in need.

     At StanPlus, we understand the necessity of quality medical services and with the intention to make it possible we came up with StanAir for patients who need to be transferred long distance in case of emergency. With StanAir we relentlessly strive to provide quality air ambulance service to our customers at affordable prices. With a team of well-trained professional paramedics led by an experienced doctor, we ensure that the patient’s condition is monitored throughout the ride.

    The patient’s reports are examined and assessed thoroughly by our team of doctors before making all required arrangements to assure a smooth bed to bed transfer of the patient.


    EMSOS is one of India’s foremost air ambulance and medical evacuation companies, providing retrieval and repatriation of critical patients both within India as well as between India and other nations. Our services are of global standards and are managed by highly experienced and qualified medical persons and nursing staff. We take pride in the fact that we save lives, whilst providing this valuable service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In addition, we advise and assist our clients via our round-the-clock Alarm Centre manned by medical professionals.

    Vedanta Air Ambulance

    Vedanta Air Ambulance Services are well experienced and pioneer air ambulance service providers of this industry, we have several years’ experience in the patient transportation field. Vedanta Air Ambulance Services are not only known and popular for providing hi-tech and medically equipped air ambulance services in all over India but also we are known for providing world class services within time at an economical fare. We have a facility to provide quick and reliable air ambulance services in short notice, while on the other hand our technicians, medical team and doctors are also specialized in this field.


    AmbiPalm will be right there at your fingertips offering Online Ambulance service giving an edge to medical assistance. In the age of instant cabs and pizzas, we started off with the idea of online ambulance service to make it quick and hassle-free.The company has provision to facilitate air ambulance services to shift patients expeditiously or to distant locations. It offers three types of ambulances – advanced life support, basic life support and patient transport service, to suit the varied needs of the customers. Whether it be a travel from home to hospital or inter hospital or hospital to any other location which also includes intercity – keeping in line with its underlying vision of becoming India’s future for medical transport.

    Air Rescuers

    Air Rescuers World Wide Pvt Ltd is a leading and specialized service provider of air ambulance services as well as train ambulance services. Patients are transferred from one city to another with emergency service from both our air and train ambulance. And you can also book this service anytime and anywhere at an affordable cost. Air Rescuers provide air and train ambulance services providers as well as other health care facilities. Our air ambulance service is available in many cities of India like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Guwahati, Patna, Bangalore, Vellore, Chennai, Hyderabad, etc. Also, air ambulance services are always available 24X7 in all these cities and even at any time, it is ready to transfer serious patients.