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  • 5 decorative painting techniques to improve your walls

    Published on May 28, 2020

    Gone are those days, when there used to be very fewer choices for painting both the exteriors and the interiors of a building. You can only find limestone-clad homes in most parts of the world. With revolutionizing technology, the painting techniques have also undergone some massive changes. 5 best decorative painting techniques for your walls using the best paint for walls are listed below.


    If you are looking for some decorative painting techniques for your walls in rooms like bathrooms, kitchen, etc., then you need to prefer this kind of design. This design uses the combination of light and contrasts colours and it gives a patterned look. You must not consider too much while you paint the kitchen and the bathroom walls, but these are the places that boost the appearance of the entire home. The painting technique doesn’t create a hole in the pocket as well.

    Chessboard technique 

    There are a lot of people who don’t like too many colours on the wall, for those kinds of people, using only colours like black and white on the wall and creating patterns using these colours in the form of chessboards are very exciting. This kind of pattern is also known to create an aesthetic look to the living space. To complement this technique, you need to use the fabrics, furniture in similar colour patterns. Also, it is very easy to maintain the walls painted using this technique.


    Be it cars or homes, the metallic shades are picking up pace. There are a lot of people who only want metallic shades on the walls. These metallic shades usually come in colours of grey, white, black, golden, etc., So, if you are a person who is fond of colours which are derived from black and white, then you need to prefer this painting technique. The same metallic shade can be used in different ways to provide different kinds of output.


    If you have wooden walls and you are looking for the best wood paint, then this painting pattern is best suited for the purpose. This pattern helps you create vertical and horizontal stripes on the surface of the walls which aren’t too intact and they overlap over each other with very minute spacing in between them. This kind of painting enhances the look of the wooden walls of the room. This provides the feel of having covered up the wall using some of the best wallpaper in town.

    Colour Wash 

    This type of painting technique is most widely preferred by all. First, a satin finish is provided to the wall to create a slippery surface that aids the mixing of two different paint colours. Then you need to add the colours on top of the satin-finished surface to provide a glazed look.

    These are some of the time-tested painting techniques. They are very popular and it fits everyone’s pockets and serves the need of every single individual.