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  • 5 Handy Tips for Divorcees to Create a Profile on Matrimonial Websites

    Published on May 15, 2019

    India is witnessing a sudden surge in divorce rates and some studies even suggest that approximately 1.3% of the married population in the country are either divorced or set to get divorced. As the separation rates climb up significantly, so does the demand for matrimonial links to find a new match for second marriage.


    Finding the perfect match after divorce could be difficult, especially within the Indian society where arranged marriages are more prevalent. Divorcee matrimony is now available online for people to explore. There are many matrimonial websites like Shadi that provide efficient services in finding the right match for second marriage. If you are a divorcee who wants to create a profile for yourself on matrimonial websites, here are 5 handy tips that you can use.

    Complete and Accurate Information

    If you are divorced, you don’t need to hide any facts about your image, profile or other information. Marriages are built on trust and hence it is important that you disclose all possible facts in your profile. It is true that in India, divorcees look to marry non-divorcees because of the impression that they come with a clean slate. This means that certain sections of society even want to try and hide the fact that there was a divorce in the individual’s life. This should be avoided, and divorce should be taken in a positive way to start a new beginning.

    Positivity Is the Key

    While it is important to have one of your best pictures to be put up on your matrimonial profile in order to create a good first impression, it is not necessary to make it look glamorous. Staying positive about your overall profile, including your looks, abilities, skill sets, and individuality, is very important. While creating your profile, try and be as positive and comfortable about yourself as possible, in order look convincing. It is very important to remember that the person you wish to marry should be able to accept you the way you are. Hence, try and keep it real but positive at the same time.

    Realistic Expectations

    Since you would be looking for a second marriage, you need to stay real to the situation. You might want to marry a non-divorcee and you may even want someone who is very good looking along with being young; however, you need to try and keep your expectations realistic. Also, it might help you to look for someone who has gone through an experience similar to yours as far as marriage is concerned, instead of choosing someone who has never married.

    Keep a Track and Stay Active

    A lot of people tend to rely on their parents or siblings to register themselves on matrimonial sites and even converse on their behalf. You should try and take charge of things yourself when it comes to marriage because it should be your own decision and a choice of your own. You should try and stay active on the matrimonial site and also keep a track of the possible matches that you would like to shortlist.

    Be Confident About Yourself

    Divorce is clearly not a bad thing and being a divorcee should not come along with a tagline. It is all about the choices you make for yourself. While creating a matrimonial profile, you need to be confident about who you are and not let the divorcee title become a hindrance to entering a new relationship. Divorcee matrimony sites are the place to go to when you want to start afresh with a positive attitude.

    Keeping the above tips in mind can help divorcees to create a great profile that can soon get them the right life partner.