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5 Must have Appliances to keep your food in the kitchen fresh and germ-free

The kitchen is one of the most important places to disinfect. In order to keep you and your family well-fed and healthy, a clean kitchen is essential. Food safety, in particular, has also come under the lens, as people are attempting to follow the best sanitation practices for what they eat. Here’s five Must have Appliances for your kitchen to keep bacteria at bay.

Livpure’s Organic Cleaner: Wash your baby feeding products, seafood, dishware, vegetables, fruits, meat and other consumables thoroughly with Livpure Organic Cleaner made with Advanced Electrolysis Technology that gives up to 99.99% sterilization. The technology removes bacteria, viruses, pesticides, and other pathogens organically, without the usage of any chemicals. With a large cleaning tank of 10 liters, you can clean several products at once with just 1 click. Price: Rs. 8999/-

CounterTop Dishwasher – It is made keeping the space and its purpose in mind because it uses very less space in the kitchen and works like a charm. It is pretty suitable for Indian cooking, where its smart washing programs are highly effective for cleaning utensils. It will clean all the oily and masala-stained dishes, pans, and other types of kitchenware in a snap. Its rotating jet spray with 72°high temperature water offers a 360°coverage of the utensils, thus cleaning and sterilizing them completely. Price: Rs. 22,999/-

Sockeroos Handheld vacuum sealer – Heat and air are the ancient enemies of preserving food. But now there is an effective way to extend the life of your groceries, and stop them from getting stale or rotten. This Vacuum Sealer is a great breakthrough in the small kitchen appliances industry. Now you don’t have to waste your money on food wastage.

Livpure’s UV Sterilizer: It is equipped with a UV Disinfection System which provides up to 99.99% disinfection while also removing bacteria, viruses, pesticides and other pathogens quickly and without the usage of any chemicals. Users can even disinfect mobiles, wallets, currency notes and coins, keys, packages and food packages to make them safe to touch before you open them! Price: Rs. 4299/-

Keep It Fresh Fridge Purifier – Just place it inside the refrigerator and Voila all your fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers will last 3 times longer. KIF Cassettes extend the shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables stored in refrigerator. It absorbs ethylene gas from the veggies/fruits and creates a bacteria-free environment inside the refrigerator. It has a natural occurring clay and minerals inside the snap-fit box sealed with ultrasonic rays to form Keep It fresh. It also aids in maintaining a fresh and odour-free fridge. Price: Rs. 380/-

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