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  • Thursday, July, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 07:52:11
  • With all that we do and make use in our day-to-day lives, we cannot imagine existing without the remarkable work of engineers all around the world. From the food that we eat and cars that we drive, engineers all around the globe, play a vital role in giving way to some of the most critical, life-changing innovations, machines, and materials. The professional thinkers, as well as innovators design all that is around us, and solve complex problems for shaping the modern world that we know of and appreciate in the modern era.

    While the specialized tasks that are carried out by engineers might vary by functionalities, engineers still play a crucial role in making use of vital science as well as mathematics concepts to design, create, and maintain things that are known for serving a myriad of practical purposes in life. Now that we are aware of that, let us enlighten ourselves with what it takes to be an engineer in the first place. In almost every region of the world, an engineer is supposed to clear certain engineering entrance exams, and enroll themselves in a specialized field of engineering for higher education. Right from electronics engineering to electrical engineering, computer science, IT, mechanical, and  more –there are several fields of engineering that you can consider taking up as your field of specialization.


    Importance of Online Certification Programs for Engineers

    If you aspire to be a professional engineer, you can come across a myriad of professional degree as well as certification courses to help you out. Once you have obtained the degree of an engineer, you can consider joining a reputed company in demand of professional engineers. However, there is no denying the fact that we live in a tech-driven world. As such, engineering professionals are required to upscale their skills as well as knowledge by taking up additional certification programs for engineers.

    upGrad presents a lucrative range of online certification programs for engineers that help them hone their engineering knowledge as well as innate skills to excel professionally. The comprehensive range of online certification programs for engineers by upGrad is aimed at providing in-depth insight into various aspects of engineering and different fields while providing global-level access to modern engineering principles. In this post, we will help you know about some of the top online certification programs for engineers by upGrad.


    Top Online Certification Programs for Engineers

    1.PG Program in Big Data Engineering: There is a huge demand for getting access to high-quality data in real-time by the end-users. Moreover, it also helps the leading organizations in making better decisions in real-time while allowing the business enterprises to be more agile than relevant competitors.

    As per a recent study, it was observed that businesses are likely to spend around $7.4 million on data-related initiatives, including Big Data & its applications in the coming times.  Given its widespread importance, a lucrative Big Data Course can help you gain access to in-depth knowledge as well as expertise in the field of Big Data. As professional Big Data engineers, you get widespread access to multiple IT-based job opportunities in the modern era.

    2.Master of Science in Machine Learning & AI: Are you an IT enthusiast? If you are driven by the idea of IT Engineering, and wish to make a career out of the same, a Master of Science certification program in the fields of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be highly profitable. Machine Learning is the driving force of AI (Artificial Intelligence).


    A recent report by Hootsuite explains that in 2018, the total number of people using Machine Learning applications have reached a whopping 4 Billion across the globe. Given its global acceptance, you can look forward to having a lucrative career in the given field by opting for the Master of Science in Machine Learning & AI certification program by upGrad.

    3. Software Development Specialization in Blockchain: The Blockchain technology is a revolutionary technology that aims at securing the day-to-day business transactions across the web. As per a report, it is estimated that the overall market size for the innovative Blockchain technology is expected to reach a whopping $60.7 billion in 2024 in comparison to $708 million in 2017. You can consider joining the elite professional field of Blockchain technology by becoming a renowned Blockchain developer.


    The given online certification course can help you out with the same with its in-depth course structure and curriculum. With over 500 hours of rich course content, and one-on-one study with industry mentors, you can look forward to gaining ample expertise in the field of Blockchain technology.

    4.Product Management Certification Program: When you are employed in the engineering sector, you tend to come across various aspects of product engineering and development. If you wish to be professionally employed in the product development sector, you can enroll yourself in the highly lucrative Product Management Certification Program by upGrad.


    The given certification program allows you to gain access to all that you need to know about product engineering, product designing, prototyping, and product management –right from scratch. The certification program is provided in collaboration with the reputed Duke CE (Corporate Education) for making the overall experience highly engaging. The certification program offers the assurance of over 160 hours of learning along with one-on-one mentorship with the product engineering experts.

    5.Entrepreneurship Certificate Program: In the modern age, technology has evolved from novelty to necessity. Irrespective of the sector, reducing the potential for manual error as well as maximizing the overall productivity have become the mainstream requirements. Moreover, there is also a crucial need to manage day-to-day business operations in every field of profession out there. As such, engineers who possess entrepreneurship certificates are highly sought-after by leading business organizations of the world.


    If you are an engineer, and wish to excel professionally, you might as well consider enrolling yourself into the lucrative Entrepreneurship Certificate Program by upGrad. The renowned certification program allows you to become a professional entrepreneur as you get to learn some of the basic entrepreneurship skills from Ronnie Screwvala. With one-on-one study as well as interaction with the industry experts, and over 40 hours of intense learning, you can harness the values of entrepreneurship for your successful career.

    Make the most of your engineering degree by complementing the same with a high-end certification program by upGrad. With the wide number of options available for your skill development, you can choose the best one that suits your professional as well as personal requirements.