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  • 5 Things To know about burning Crusade in Wow

    Published on August 1, 2021


    As Burning crusade came up with a lot of new game elements, This makes you excited and motivated to play this game. With that excitement, you may go by installing fast with the Correct procedure and like to start up your Gaming Journey in Burning Crusade. This has features like the addition of Two races Blood Elves on the Horde side and Draenei on the Alliance side, Player versus Player system(PvP).

    Knowing about features and gameplay before playing is very helpful and will be easy for you. Right! Even knowing about the things deeper about this expansion, Burning Crusade makes your gameplay smarter. Sounds Good. Now let us jump into the stuff about the things to know about burning Crusade

    Things to Know About Burning Crusade


    When you set your foot on the Outland, you will be surprised by the Vibrant landscapes and you will also stare at the look of the sky. That is, the sky looks beautiful with the moon and the blazing beam and rolling clouds add more color to it. With the well-pointed strategic points of the map, you can explore more and much smarter. This also offers you the PvP system. If you don’t like to wait in line for battlegrounds, you can go by the PvP system.

    The bad thing about it is, The Zones will not be very expensive. Once you’re and your guild starts running new 25 man raids of outland, it turns into a daily routine and you need to play more hours. That is, your hobby of playing becomes like a night-part-time job. Sounds bad.

    Though the Outland is designed with excellent work for great-looking, The sign of aging failed to make the design much great. That is while Comparing with other games like glitzier DirectX 10  in development, The things like short draw distances, characters with polygon counts remain like an outdated GTA clone.

    2.Blood Elves

    This is designed attractively, That is, this is armed with the dance animation, This is taken from the film Napoleon Dynamite. Sounds Interesting. Also, it has many racial abilities that remain powerful in the game. Fresh Horde Characters can go by betting that blood elves.

    3.New Items

    No matter, Even if your character has the best gear, Burning Crusade will offer you a treasure table. That Marks your return to the foot lever. Do stat-boosting. That is when you see rewards from outlands factions or quests or inland bosses. Start Expecting to Drooling.No matter whether you roll as a protection warrior or a holy priest. This stat-boosting helps you to play the game effectively. By this, you can reach the new level cap of 70 easily.

    4.Flying Mounts

    There is a special surprise waiting for you when you reach the new level cap of 70. When you reach this level cap of 70, you can fly in the skies by your mount. The increased amount of gold that you have received from killing monsters and completing quests in Outland will be more than enough to buy your first bird. So, you can go fast to explore the areas that are unreachable on foot and poking slow levelers.

    5.Jewel Crafting

    Burning Crusade opens up the Jewel Crafting Profession, so you can go by creating various gems with that and endow your socketed items and provide you a bonus along with that. 

    If you wanna turn your sword into a weapon, you can throw the gems with a bonus, and that increases your weapon’s attack rating. You can stay out from running out of mana. For this, you need to fill your sword with Intelligence boosting gems and experience more. In addition to this, you can also do Raking in the Gold like enchanters. This enables you to expand your character’s stats and abilities.

    Additional things to know

    • Classic Character: If you don’t wanna make any changes to the Original game, Then you can transfer characters to Vanilla Servers and the Burning Crusade will allow you to do that. Though Burning Crusade Expansion Came up with a lot of Additions that are most welcomed by players, transferring characters to Vanilla servers is considered More worthy.

    You can reboot the classic character once in a lifetime in the world of Warcraft. This doesn’t mean the limited two years of experience. The most important thing is you can only transfer a character to vanilla by only having access to the game in its original form.

    • Diverse need of players: You would like to make characters as per your wish, and this helps you to customize your character as per your wish. This enables you to do this in the journey of the next expansion with this, you can go through the Dark Portal or of creating a new elf to explore the new areas. you should also be aware of the following thing: If you hadn’t explored the outland in wow classic and are looking to explore it in burning crusade, This will offer you a way to boost the level of 58. So In this way, you can experience the outland. This is only valid for one account, also this will not be used for new blood elf.
    • Arenas: with the release of the arena, players are allowed to have only the same players in the bracket. But now, with the release of 3v3 Arena. If the one player on a team couldn’t continue to mean, then the whole team cannot Continue further in Burning Crusade Classic. Whereas in Burning Crusade Wow, This has expanded, that is to allow for roasters to have double the number of players in your bracket. 


    These are the things about burning Crusade in Wow. This is the latest version of Burning Crusade Classic. A lot of changes have been made to bring you powerful play but still, the essential elements remain the same, and changes are made in raids and dungeons, and you are provided with more challenging raids and When you arrive in Outland, you will have a Good Experience. Gonna be interesting!