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5 ways to improve agricultural yields

We live in an agricultural country, which is the world’s largest producer of milk, jute, cash crops and the second largest of rice, wheat, sugarcane, groundnut, vegetables, fruit and cotton. India clearly produces the best yield, the level of soil nutrients and fertility is reducing, which is affecting crop growth and crop yield negatively in the country. Considering that the sector is a major source of livelihood for many, the annual crop yield becomes crucial. It also indicates the land’s viability and is considered as one of the key traits of successful farming. Therefore, farmers need to learn the best methods of augmenting their crop yield by harnessing novel techniques and cultivation methods. Here are the five best ways to do it:

1) Prep the seeds before planting

It is vital to prepare the seed before planting to ensure faster germination. For instance, to grow groundnuts, the seeds should be sprayed with Thiamethoxam 30 FS as a precaution cover. This allows the plant to grow stronger & absorb better nutrition from the soil to reach its full potential. It effectively functions against multiple threats faced by the plant during germination its early growth stage. Such advanced chemicals protect and reap higher quality crops that need relatively less input in the advanced stages.

2) Ensuring a balanced nourishment of micronutrients

Nutritional deficiencies in plants can be identified with dusty brown spots appearing on upper leaves, uneven growth, uniformly yellow leaves, etc. It is necessary to detect these signs at an early stage & provide the right nutrients in right amounts to eliminate the deficiencies from damaging the plant further. While DAP fertilizers can provide essential nutrition to the crops, other micronutrients are equally important and need to be given in small quantities for a healthy output. These micronutrients mainly consist of Zinc, Sulphur, etc. that are responsible for enriching the soil. Leading agro chemical companies like Safex emphasise deficiency management with their products like Amrit, Aladdin, Tiger and Starvet.

3) Strong roots lead to better crops

A strong root system is crucial for plants as they soak up the nutrients more efficiently and intensify overall crop strength. Farmers need to adopt high-grade products like Gibberellic acid into their farming practices for faster germination and stronger crop production that works against diseases. Using a certified Gibberellic acid-enriched product by Safex Chemicals can also work wonders to improve crop yield during the initial stages of plant development.

4)  Managing pests

Regular monitoring of crops in the usual locations is crucial for pest detection and controlling any possible attacks. Farmers can directly get in touch with the experts at Safex through their website to gain the know-how regarding these subjects. They also need to follow the instruction manuals of every pesticide to the T to maximize the medicine’s impact and get better yield with the same investment.

5) Taking the advice of experts

If you are feeling confused, it is best to consult certified experts in agriculture who can lend crucial advice on several farming-related issues such as a mysterious plant disease or unidentified crop pests possibly jeopardizing the field. These highly-educated and adept experts are knowledgeable about the entire gamut of problems in agriculture and can provide valuable assistance with every farming-related hassle.

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