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  • 56 Secure’s Innovative Solution Transforms Security Standards at Manyata Residency

    Published on November 28, 2023

     Bengaluru: 56 Secure, a leader in India’s security technology landscape, has partnered with the community of Manyata Residency to completely transform their neighborhood safety measures. 56 Secure introduced Armour to the Manyata neighborhood, their flagship security solution built for holistic enterprise and large-scale security. This has brought immediate benefits to Manyata’s residents, reducing criminal incidents by 90% in just two months.

    Speaking about the troubles faced in the neighborhood, The Resident Welfare Association of Manyata Residency outlined several pressing challenges to 56 Secure for resolution. These included the inefficiency and significantly heavy cost of their previous security guards and CCTV cameras. Their neighborhood faced numerous issues, including a rise in incidents of harassment and drug-related problems, leaving our residents feeling unsafe. Commercial vehicles often misused residential lanes, and taxis occupied resident parking areas, causing inconvenience and congestion. Several poorly lit areas had become a hotspot for illegal activities. Morever, a shortcut leading to Manyata TechPark had become a hub for traffic, attracting a large number of vehicles and exacerbating security concerns.

    In response to these challenges, 56 Secure rolled out ARMOUR, an interconnected security platform that seamlessly integrates advanced AI-powered CCTV cameras with trained security personnel. This holistic approach ensured that every corner of Manyata Residency, from entry gates to secluded spots, was under constant surveillance. The cameras, designed to detect suspicious activities, directly alerted the patrolling guards, enabling swift interventions. Additionally, strategically placed signage boards acted as deterrents against unauthorized parking and intruders. The platform’s special intervention units, equipped with guards trained for emergencies, further ensured residents’ safety.

    This partnership led to a remarkable 3x enhancement in deterrence capabilities, underscored by the precise evaluation of service quality through quantifiable metrics and comprehensive monthly reporting. These detailed reports offer residents clear insights into resolved security incidents, reinforcing a sense of safety and transparency within the community. Significantly, there has been a marked reduction in drug abuse & catcalling along with a 99% drop in illegal parking, and lane bypassing activities, directly enhancing the neighborhood’s quality of life.

    Sharing his thoughts on the service and partnership, Mr. Harshit Sharma, CTO of 56 Secure, said, “Our partnership with Manyata Residency is a significant step in advancing India’s security landscape. Armour blends cutting-edge technology with elite security personnel, offering a holistic solution in this age of evolving threats. We’re proud to introduce this innovative approach, emphasizing both technology and human expertise. This collaboration underscores our dedication to security and cements our role as pioneers in India’s security subscription services.”

    Speaking on the partnership with 56 Secure, Mr. Ravi Kumar V, Residents of Welfare Association, Manyata Residency said, “Security is our top priority at Manyata. A true community is where families feel protected and at ease. Our partnership with 56 Secure has strengthened this commitment, bringing unparalleled peace to our community. Together, we’re not just securing homes; we’re fostering trust and serenity for our residents.”

    ARMOUR by 56 Secure provides a synchronized and holistic approach to safety and security, eliminating blind spots prevalent in traditional surveillance systems. The solution integrates advanced cameras, AI analytics, and 24/7 monitoring to ensure potential threats are detected and addressed in real-time, setting it apart from passive, reactive security systems.


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