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  • 6 car modifications that are actually worth your money

    Published on November 17, 2019

    A recent judgment by the Supreme Court banned the modifications of vehicles, much to the disappointment of car modification fans in India. Car modifiers are now left with very little latitude to alter the original manufacturer’s specifications in their vehicles. Though the Supreme Court is still not clear about the modifications that are allowed and those that aren’t, it’s better to stay away from any form of car modification until there is more clarity on this subject.

    Modifying your car indiscriminately may not only be dangerous but can have serious legal ramifications. Some modifications can also increase the cost of your car insurance. However, there are some legal car modifications that are actually worth the money that you spend; just as these 6 inexpensive, modifications mentioned below.

    These modifications help you increase your car’s safety, performance and value rather than reducing them. These modifications are legal and they don’t have any negative impact on your four wheeler insurance, nor do they cause risks to life and property.


    Changing your tyres before they start to bald is always a good idea. However, you can also change the size of your car tyres for better traction and performance while staying within the manufacturer’s specifications.

    For instance, Maruti Suzuki Swift Lxi comes with standard 165/80 R 14 tyres but the Zxi variant is equipped with 185/65 R 15. Therefore, if you own a Maruti Suzuki Swift Lxi, you can upgrade to a 185/65 R 15 without any risk of non-compliance. If your car tyres already don’t have them, you can also fit alloy wheels to make them look stylish and sophisticated.

    Body wraps

    Car body wraps are in trend today and is a safe and inexpensive way to add some glam quotient to your car. Body wraps are legal if you stay with the original colour of the car mentioned on your registration certificate (RC). The cost of a car body wrap can range from Rs. 15,000 to Rs. 2.5 lakh depending on the car make, model and amount of work.

    We all want our cars to look good and attractive to onlookers but owning a car is more than just good looks and performance. There are certain laws that we have to comply with; for instance, renewing car insurance on time. A good looking car will not protect you from the legal and financial risks that come with driving without car insurance. Take advantage of Bajaj Allianz car insurance renewal at Finserv MARKETS and get access to cashless repair services at more than 4,000 plus garages across the country.

    Body kits

    Body kits that don’t make any structural changes to the car are perfectly legal. You can try bolt-ons or detachable body kits that make the car look stylish or increase utility value without modifying the vehicle’s original specs. Some car manufacturers also provide add-on body kits to car buyers at their dealership stores.

    Lighting and headlamps

    You can replace the conventional bulbs in your car to LED bulbs, which are not only brighter but consume less power. Improved lighting enhances visibility and helps you drive safely in the night. Go for projector headlamps to add a sleek and stylish look to your car.


    The Motor Vehicle Act prohibits changing the number of seats in your car but there are no restrictions on changing them to premium quality. Plush and premium quality seats not only make the journey comfortable but enhance the car’s interiors by many notches.

    Anti-roll bars

    Installing anti-roll bars are an inexpensive way to improve your car handling experience. These bars help reduce body roll and increases the safety quotient of your car.

    Before you make the changes, ensure that it doesn’t invalidate your four wheeler insurance or increase the premium. Other than these changes, you can also make small and cost-effective modifications to your car to improve performance such as cold air intake (CAI), ECU remap, upgrading the exhaust system and replacing spark plugs.

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