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  • 6 Ministers Replace in Romanian Cabinet Reshuffle

    Published on September 3, 2010

    Romanian Prime Minister Emil Boc announced late Thursday evening a cabinet reshuffle aimed at continuing the reform and revitalizing the economy.

    The reshuffle involved six important ministers, more than one third of the 17-member cabinet. The ministers of Finance, Labor, Agriculture, Economy, Transport and Communications will be replaced, said Boc after a meeting of the Leading College of the Democratic Liberal Party that discussed the cabinet reshuffle.

    According to the prime minister, all the six candidates appointed to fill the cabinet vacancies are MPs, and they have been selected for their professional expertise.

    “All candidates have leading positions in specialized structures of parliamentary committees,” Boc said.

    The new appointments will be sent to President Traian Basescu for approval.

    The current coalition government was sworn in last December and consists of the Democratic Liberal Party, the Hungarian Democratic Union and the National Union for Romania’s Progress, a group composed of former independents.

    The global financial crisis had a great impact on Romania and the government decided to take a series of austerity measures to keep the rescue loan from the International Monetary Fund on track. The move has sparked a wave of strikes and protests from unions while the opposition attacked the ruling coalition with a no- confidence motion.