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6-Year-old conquers rare Wilson’s disease through life-saving Liver Transplant

 Navi Mumbai: Successful liver transplant of Master Arush Sanas, a 6-year-old boy from Navi Mumbai, suffering from Wilson’s disease, a rare genetic disorder was conducted at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai, led by Dr. Darius Mirza with his team including, Dr. Rohan Chaudhary, Dr. Ketul Shah and Dr. Makarand Karpe.  Diagnosed with acute liver failure necessitating immediate medical attention, the boy’s mother donated part of her liver giving the young patient a new lease on life.

Wilson’s disease is a rare condition that causes copper levels to build up in the organs, especially the liver, brain and eyes. It is usually passed down by carrier parents and its prevalence is 1 in 30,000 in India. 20% of Wilson’s disease cases may require liver transplantation and less than 5% of cases present as acute liver failure.  In this case, the boy was initially leading a normal life, until his condition rapidly progressed to cirrhosis. Faced with financial challenges, the family received significant support from the non-governmental organizations, crowdfunding, making the life-saving transplant affordable and the mother was able to donate 30% of her liver.

Mrs. Sanas, mother of master Arush said, ‘When I learned that my son needed a liver transplant, I immediately offered a part of my liver to give him a second chance at life. Today, seeing him healthy and thriving fills me with immense joy. I’m incredibly grateful to the liver transplant team at Apollo Hospitals who made this miracle possible.’

Professor Darius F Mirza- Clinical Lead & Senior Consultant Liver & HPB Program at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai: “Wilson’s disease presents unique challenges, particularly in paediatric cases. The swift and decisive action taken by our team, combined with the exceptional courage of the young patient, allowed us to navigate through this complex medical journey successfully. We are delighted to witness the child’s recovery post-transplant, a testimony to the combined efforts of the entire medical team. Post-operatively; the young patient spent seven days in the ICU for recovery and, after 3.5 months, resumed school activities. Adhering to a meticulous post-transplant protocol, the child is on a journey to sustained well-being, guided by our dedicated liver transplant team at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai.

Dr Rohan Chaudhary-Consultant, HPB and Liver Transplant Surgery, Apollo Hospitals, Navi Mumbai: “Being part of a team that can bring hope and healing to families facing such challenging situations is immensely gratifying. Witnessing the positive outcomes post-transplant reaffirms our commitment to pushing the boundaries of medical excellence to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients. Managing Wilson’s disease involves genetic tests, continuous monitoring of urine and serum ceruloplasmin levels. With less than 5% of cases presenting as acute liver failure, and 20% of cases in India potentially requiring liver transplantation, the focus remains on early detection, genetic testing, and building robust support networks. The possibility of passing the gene to offspring is diminished if the spouse is not a carrier. Timely recognition of symptoms of liver disease is crucial for effective management.”

Mr. Santosh Marathe- Regional CEO Western Region, Apollo Hospitals: “We are proud to announce the successful treatment of Wilson’s disease through a liver transplantation at Apollo Hospitals Navi Mumbai. We witness the incredible resilience of our healthcare team-the collaborative efforts of our medical experts, combined with the young patient’s exceptional courage, and guided this complex medical journey to a positive outcome. Witnessing the child’s recovery post-transplant reinforces our commitment to advancing medical excellence for the well-being of our patients.”

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