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  • Every girl’s dream is to have a beautiful wedding. It is usually one of the most anticipated events in the couple’s life. On this day, every single detail is important. As the bride, you have to make sure that your style and personality is incorporated into the wedding’s main theme. Otherwise, you won’t be satisfied. Since planning a wedding can be very demanding, we’ve come up with a list of unique wedding ideas that you can use to make your big day unforgettable.


    1. Transportation for your Guests


    If you’re going to transport your guests from the main event to the reception, make the experience worthwhile. To make things a bit nostalgic, you could use school buses to transport your guests. This option is practical and more cost-effective than hiring limos.


    1. A Gorgeous Entryway


    First impressions are super important so you should take time to figure out what your entryway will look like. A decked-out reception aisle will make you feel special in every way. Ask florists that craft flowers for weddings to prepare some for your entryway. You can also add a stylish sitting chart for your guests. Another interesting addition is a table cover customized with your engagement pictures and family photos.


    1. Cocktail Before the Ceremony


    You can switch things up by offering pre-ceremony cocktails. The tradition has always been to serve guests during the reception. The cocktails can be a great surprise. However, you don’t want to get people too drunk. Limit the cocktails to only one glass per person. Alternatively, you can serve non-alcoholic drinks.


    1. Ushers for your Reception


    You can never go wrong with extra ushers. For a unique experience, ask the ushers to walk your guests to their tables. Since the caterer or venue manager is in charge of the staff, ask them if they can provide more ushers for this task.


    1. Change your Wedding Dress


    Since people expect you to come out in your wedding dress during the reception, it can be a great surprise if you change into something unexpected. You can wear a shorter dress that is easy to move and dance in. It can be a flirty cocktail dress or a lovely sundress depending on your style. If you don’t feel like you’re ready to change, you can make some subtle changes to your hair. You can also change your shoes.


    1. A Show-Stopping Dance Routine


    Instead of settling for the standard waltz, you can make things livelier by dancing to a modern soundtrack. You can also break into a high energy swing routine or salsa. Take some dance classes before your wedding for uniformity purposes. If there’s going to be a dance that involves both bridesmaids and groomsmen, you don’t want them to look out of sync because it will be embarrassing.


    1. A Cool After Party, Photo Booth, and Kid’s Play Area


    After the reception, your young guests expect an after-party. It is a good idea to plan a cool party for you and your friends. For example, you can book a karaoke club for the after-party.


    You know how everybody has smartphones these days. Selfies have become so easy to take. But there was a time when photo booths were used for such purposes. Give the guests a trip down memory lane by having a photo booth at the reception.


    Some of your guests will be married with kids. They’re likely to bring those kids to the event. Children can be a handful. Make sure there is a play area in the reception. That way, the kids will have their entertainment spot. You can have your nanny do the babysitting for your guests’ children. The play area should have toys and a television showing cartoons so that the kids find something to focus on.


    If you don’t know how you’re going to start with the wedding preparations, you can use some of these ideas for your inspiration and creativity You don’t have to do everything the same. You can personalize some of the tips to your liking. We hope you enjoy your big day and have a long and happy marriage



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