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  • 7 Things to Know Before Buying the Best Two Wheeler Insurance Policy

    Published on July 26, 2019

    Many people love riding their bike without deciding the destination in mind. To ensure the convenience and comfort of the two-wheeler you need to protect it with the insurance policy. Any unforeseen accident can wreck your two-wheeler and also cause bodily injury to you and the third party who gets involved in the accident. This results in a big hole in your pocket. Thus, to reduce the cost of damage caused by any mishap, choose the best two wheeler insurance policy.

    Are you tossing your thoughts on various bike insurance quotations from different motor insurance companies? Do you also want to confirm that you pay only for the policy that is within your budget and caters to all your needs?

    Let’s have a look at the 7 things which an individual must know before buying the best two wheeler insurance policy.

    Type of Policies

    Two wheeler insurance depends on the state one resides in. Primarily, there are two types of two-wheeler insurances policies. One is the third-party liability and another is a comprehensive policy. The third-party insurance policy for a bike is the basic policy which is mandatory by motor insurance law and is structured to help third parties that might be affected in case of an accident. While comprehensive policy offers extensive coverage, as it includes the mandatory cover and also ensures your bike against accident, theft, or any natural calamities. Hence, you can choose the two wheeler insurance policy that meets your requirements.

    Third party liability Insurance

    Third party insurance for bikes essentially covers bodily injury and property damage. This insurance policy offers coverage when one hits some other car and cause bodily injury to them or damage to their property. Thus, this insurance plan is mandatory in India.

    Comprehensive Coverage

    There are many cases of mishaps and natural disasters that might damage your vehicle. Under such a scenario, those who have purchased comprehensive coverage can repair their motorbike. People believe this as an expensive policy, but it is a misconception. In fact, it is a cheaper way than self-insuring, if one owns an expensive two-wheeler.

    Underinsured and Uninsured Motorist Insurance

    An uninsured driver is someone who did not have any insurance or carry insurance that did not meet state-mandated minimum liability requirements, or whose insurance company denied their claim or was not financially able to pay it. Underinsured motorist coverage is protection against injuries received from an accident where the other driver is at fault who has coverage limits too low to cover your expenses.

    Guest Passenger Liability Insurance

    This insurance policy is a unique one, as it is solely designed for motorcycles. It covers bodily injuries suffered by the pillion rider.

    Custom Parts and Equipment-specific Coverage

    This is also a unique insurance type designed for two-wheeler bikes. Though comprehensive plan offers coverage against several events, some still wish to have specific coverage for individual parts of their two-wheeler. By purchasing the additional coverage, the premium cost increases.

    Set reminders for two wheeler insurance renewal in order to avoid a lapsed insurance cover and to receive all benefits of your policy.