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  • Friday, July, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 03:45:17
  • Remember Manav? Arey, wahi jisne sabka dil chura liya tha ever since Pavitra Rishta aired on the Indian Television in 2009. Today, after a long span of 12 years, the most-loved character from Pavitra Rishta is back ek naye andaaz mein. This time around, we have seen Manav (Shaheer Sheikh) sweep us off her feet with his simple acts of kindness, selflessness, and sacrifice in the ALTBalaji’s Pavitra Rishta web series.

    Shaheer’s portrayal of Manav has been on-point. While he nailed every bit of his role in the Pavitra Rishta web series, here are a few of his moments from the show that will stay with us (even today):

    1. When he does small acts of kindness

    Remember the first time Manav saw Archana? Well, when she hurriedly rushes to a small shop to take shelter in the rain, Manav’s eyes stop at her. When he sees her wait for the rain to stop pouring, he instantly asks a little boy at the shop to give her an umbrella without exchanging a single word with her. And in that very moment, Manav wins our heart! (without even trying)

    1. When he sacrifices his whole life for his family

    As we know, it’s not quite easy to give up on our dreams only for the sake of our families. So, when Manav did it (before the age of 16) without even thinking twice about his happiness, he earned our respect. His selflessness and love for his family brought tears to our eyes. Don’t we all need a man like Manav in our families too? Hell, yes! :’)

    1. When he rushes to the police station to help Archana

    In an unfortunate turn of events, Archana gets arrested by the cops. On hearing the news, Manav immediately comes to her rescue. He rushes to the police station to prove her innocence to the cops and set her free.

    1. When he makes efforts for Archana

    Manav’s family may have set him with Archana but it was all his efforts and kindness that won her over. A man as kind and loving as Manav can most definitely sweep any woman off her feet. Lucky, Archana! Well, who wouldn’t want to be with a guy who treats a woman with respect and spoils her with love?

    1. When he calls out his mother for her wrongdoings

    As we know, Manav has always been his mama’s boy. But, when Savita jeopardises his relationship with Archana, he doesn’t shy away from calling her out. He explained to her about the things that she did wrong and how she has unintentionally ruined his marriage with Archana.

    1. When he is concerned about Archana’s sister

    Even after Archana ends their relationship, Manav doesn’t stop caring about her and her family. So, when he sees Varsha romantically involved with a married man, he is concerned.

    1. When he fights for his love despite the odds

    When things go south in his relationship, Manav does not give up. Instead, he made sure to go above and beyond to prove his love even then. He took the bad days as a challenge and never stopped fighting for the love of his life.

    To sum up, Shaheer Sheikh has left us all in awe of his brilliant portrayal of Manav in Pavitra Rishta. To witness more of him in the series, download the ALTBalaji app. Pay only 80 paise per day and watch Pavitra Rishta online. Hurry!


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